Kids' Sports Leagues

The Team at Waxhaw Athletic Association

Waxhaw Athletic Association is an all-volunteer, nonprofit organization serving young athletes and their families since 1980. WAA started with humble beginnings as a small-town, single-sport league. It has since grown to become a multi-sport professional athletic organization offering baseball, softball, soccer, basketball, flag football and cheer, and is presently the fastest-growing athletic association in Union County. We serve over 1,300 young athletes ages 3-18 every year. Our families come from surrounding communities within Union County, South Charlotte, and bordering South Carolina. 

Our goal is to provide children and their families with accessible, age-appropriate developmental programs that players can grow with over time. We start our youngest athletes with early developmental programs so they can focus on building skills and confidence in a fun, safe and supportive environment. As our players grow older, we work with them through our more competitive programs to advance their technical skills while expanding their tactical knowledge of the game. At every level, we encourage positive motivation, good sportsmanship, and teamwork.  

As an all-volunteer organization, we promote parent and community involvement. A lot of our coaches are parents who have played competitive sports, have a strong knowledge of the game and want to share their experience through coaching a team. We provide coaching clinics and curricula to support each level of instruction. We invest annually in our fields and facilities to ensure that they are up to standard and safe for play. We also partner with our surrounding Union County schools, as well as the Town of Waxhaw to secure access to additional fields and facilities for our growing membership. Over the years, the Waxhaw Athletic Association has worked hard – and with a lot of heart -– to build a strong sense of community. We welcome new players and their families to be part of our growth, now and in the future. If you are considering registering for the first time with WAA, take a look at all of the information on our website, and feel free to contact us with any questions. We can’t wait for you to join us!