A Local's Dream

Bed and Bark owners, Evan and Kay Carroll, have brought new meaning to family and pets in Waxhaw, NC. 

Nestled on Providence Road South, just past Kensington Road, Bed and Bark Pet Resort provides the ultimate “home away from home” experience for beloved family members of all sizes. From the moment you walk through the doors and meet Even and Kay, you can feel their genuine love for animals. It comes as no surprise that their passion for animals began at a very young age. Kay, who grew up on a farm, had the unique opportunity to work at SeaWorld in Orlando, Florida. Life flew by, and suddenly she was married and starting a family. As she stayed home with their children, Kay began working with dogs and providing training. Evan, who trained police canines and personal protection dogs, teamed up with Kay. Next thing the Carrolls knew, they were training dogs owned by friends, and opportunities quickly grew. 

In 2013, Evan and Kay started mapping out the plan to build a pet resort. With four dogs of their own, their first thought was, “How can we honor the needs of dogs?” With indoor and outdoor space at the top of the priority list, it took an extensive amount of time to secure land to accommodate their vision for all pets. Fast forward to 2016, the Carrolls located the perfect spot to carry out their dream, right in the heart of the Waxhaw community. However, Evan and Kay quickly learned that the developing and zoning process was going to take much longer than they expected. Finally, after four years, the dream came alive when the business broke ground in January 2020. Unfortunately, as COVID struck the United States in March 2020, much of the construction of the facility came to a halt. “We had many conversations about quitting,” Kay said. With the support of friends and the community, Bed and Bark held strong! Supplies were limited and many factories closed, so the construction phase took longer than expected. On October 1st, with all of the last finishing touches in place, Bed and Bark was ready to open. Evan and Kay pressed on. Finally, on December 21st, 2020, the building passed inspection. “I just broke down, then tears of joy flowed. It was surreal!" recalled Kay, still feeling the emotion. 

Bed and Bark Pet Resort is a state-of-the-art facility for any of your four-legged family members. Evan and Kay conducted extensive research while creating their facility. It has the first-ever technology where they do not bag and throw away dog waste. Security is high with a locking machine that secures doors on all runs. Every dog has a suite where they can roam both indoors and outdoors. Built around a staff-centered model, owners can even choose to sign up for individual play time with a Bed and Bark employee. This mimics individual snuggle time with their owner to ensure the comfort of each pet with a staff member. Other packages in single play days include emails with pictures of your pet, updates about what activities your pet enjoyed, and even a pet report card.

For more information on Bed and Bark Pet Resort, go to www.bedandbark.net. You can also like them on Facebook and follow them on Instagram. Let Bed and Bark be the best thing that has happened to your pet since you!