A Military Wall of Honor in Waxhaw

Patriotism in Waxhaw
Waxhaw remembers and honors those who have served our nation in the military and public services.

Each year, locals and visitors gather at the Military Wall of Honor to take part in Memorial Day, Patriot Day, Veterans Day and Wreaths Across America ceremonies that tribute local heroes and show appreciation for sacrifices made by so few, for so many. Our Local Waxhaw-Weddington Rotary Club plays a big part in keeping the honor and service of those that are currently serving or those that have passed. We appreciate you!

We keep a strong partnership between the Town of Waxhaw, The American Legion and local business leaders. All are welcome to attend and learn about unique military customs such as the POW/MIA Table, and gain perspective from historical facts. We like to pass on a legacy of patriotism to our children. As a community, we honor those who gave some and some that gave all.