A BELOCAL Message from the MAYOR!

Ron Pappas

Welcome to Waxhaw!

If you are looking to move to Waxhaw or have just moved here, Waxhaw has much to offer. My wife and I love all that our community offers: A vibrant arts community, unique shops and boutiques, and diverse cuisine partnered with professional services. I understand family, safety, and growth values, and I aim to create a dynamic and beautiful growing Waxhaw for years to come. I look forward to working together with the Board of Commissioners, Town staff, and residents to create a well-planned and beautiful Waxhaw.

As we enter a new year, I’m looking forward to leading the Town of Waxhaw as Mayor again. Having served in both municipal and corporate leadership positions through my career, I’ve brought over 40 years of leadership experience to the office of Mayor. My experience brings a wealth of knowledge of building relationships, developing a clear vision, and exercising strong communication skills to share that vision.

Keeping our residents involved and engaged in town leadership’s decision-making process is pivotal to my role as Mayor. BeLocal is doing an excellent job in welcoming new homeowners, getting residents involved with town activities and informing everyone how they can connect and enjoy our area.  

During my first year as Mayor, the Town staff and Board members did not slow down. As a team, we worked extensively to activate plans that had been discussed but had yet to be put into motion for many years. We know our residents are passionate about infrastructure, a new downtown park, and transparency. We’ve taken strides to improve and have a better visibility in each area with a new Land Development Code and a revised Town Master Plan. We have made sure you can find Waxhaw project updates at any time on our website. We will also be launching a new website, which will make it easier to find information and report concerns of Commissioners, Town staff, and residents to create a well planned and beautiful Waxhaw.
Ron Pappas