Letter from the Editor

Phoenix is an interesting city. Transplants from all around the country make their way to the Southwest, and it has given us this amazing melting pot of American cultures. You can find the best of regional cuisines, and no matter where you’re from, there is a group from your previous home to support you in your new home. I’m one of them, a proud Coloradan equally proud to have called the Valley of the Sun home for over 20 years. 

In that vein, a metropolitan this large is broken into cities with their own unique personalities and then sometimes areas within those cities. Hence, our BeLOCAL North Scottsdale, which highlights this wonderful area of Scottsdale. While some of our suggestions bleed outside of the technical North Scottsdale boundaries, the goal was to focus on the immediate vicinity surrounding your new home. And there is plenty there to focus on, from world-class restaurants, shopping, spas, outdoor activities, and culture all a stone’s throw away from your neighborhood. 

No one magazine can capture an entire community. No one publication can identify every hidden gem, favorite boutique, or hole-in-the-wall eatery. We’ve done our best, showcasing personal favorites, local suggestions, and long standing pillars of the community. But there is always more – more to discover, more to share, more to include. As you settle into North Scottsdale, we feel confident that you’ll be a part of the discovery process. Make sure to follow our Instagram, @belocalnorthscottsdale, to share and update us with what you’ve found. I look forward to continuing to uncover North Scottsdale along with you.


Asonta Benetti
Editor in Chief