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When it comes to advice you can trust, who better to hear from than long-time community residents? With BeLocal, there’s no need to wonder where longtime residents go for fun, food, shopping, activities, and more.

Take a peek inside the latest issue for words of wisdom and smart suggestions from true locals.

Starting over in a new hometown is never simple.

But through BeLocal, you can easily explore local living at its finest. Check out the articles below to learn more about some of the best “hidden gems” the community has to offer.

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Corey Flynn

Corey Flynn

I was standing in my yard clueless. What are those bush things? What do I plant in the sand? Will anything survive in this hot, humid weather? Will my hair? Did we pay tourist prices last night for dinner? And for heaven's sake, where is the post office?

I know exactly how it feels to settle in someplace new. Taking the leap seven years ago, my husband, two dogs, and I moved from land-locked Connecticut to make our lives at the 'best beach ever.' And we fumbled our way to getting settled and becoming true locals. Fortunately today we have BeLocal for everyone moving to 'the best beach ever.'

We are so happy to bring BeLocal to the mailboxes of every new mover each month and guide them to the best local hot spots, restaurants, shops, and businesses. We hope you enjoy the area as much as we do. Follow us on social media as we continue to spotlight local favorites.

See you at the beach!

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