Gardening in South Walton

Florida’s Panhandle is in Zone 8, but plants for zone 9 can be used here.

Natural elements such as soil, humidity, salt air, average rainfall and winters play a role in each zone and how well the plant variety will do. 

The Panhandle’s mild winters allow great varieties of plants to thrive here.

Before your trip to the local garden nursery, answer these questions first:
Do you have restrictions with an HOA?
Do you live near or on the beach?
How much sun/shade is in the area you wish to fill?
Do you have irrigation or drip lines?

Popular Native Species for your Yard
Muhly Grass
Coontie Palms
Saw Palmettos
Black-Eyed Susan
Coral Honeysuckle
Live Oaks
Oakleaf Hydrangea
Walters Viburnum

Just because the tag on the plant says "full sun" does not mean it can tolerate all day sun with little water next to your house permeating heat from it all day.

Good nutritious soil is key to your plant success. Soils in the Panhandle tend to be very sandy and can contain substantial amounts of clay. Improve them using topsoil, compost, manure, etc., to increase the nutrient content, help retain moisture, and also stabilize PH.