HOW Many Vs. WHO Many: The BeLocal Difference

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Is more always merrier? When considering the number of people you advertise to – and the budget required to reach the masses – it’s a no from us every time.

Casting a wide net, while an option for select brands with big budgets, is inefficient for most small businesses looking to build awareness and meaningful relationships with locals who may realistically become customers. There’s a more strategic approach to reaching the right clientele and keeping marketing costs affordable. All it takes is a shift in mindset from the quantity to the quality of people you reach; from considering how many to who many.

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Every marketer worth their salt will know the specific demographics, interests, and behaviors of their ideal customers. They recognize the power and effectiveness of reaching the right audience with the right message. When businesses can pinpoint the most relevant audience for their products or services, this precision allows them to create a personalized message that resonates with consumers on a deeper level. No one-size-fits-all advertising here.

Unfortunately, there are still business owners who expect maximum exposure from their marketing team, steadfastly believing reaching the most eyeballs possible is the best strategy. We’re here to remind these leaders that your marketing experts know better. They know a how many mindset is wasteful and inefficient. They know that not everyone who sees a generic ad will be interested in your product or service. Trust the marketers!

Consider this analogy: Imagine you own a local dental practice that is accepting new patients. Rather than paying for a generic billboard on a busy highway or a television spot on the local news station, you choose to advertise in a niche magazine that goes to your area’s newest residents – whose readers are most likely in need of a dentist in their new community. While the magazine's readership might be considerably smaller compared to the highway's traffic or the channel’s viewership, it consists of individuals who are genuinely interested in recommendations on local providers. The likelihood of these readers becoming patients is higher, making your advertising efforts more effective.

Now substitute the local dental practice in this scenario with your own business. From landscaping and HVAC to car dealerships and retail shops, the same line of thinking applies.

BeLocal helps great businesses connect with ideal clients – your community’s newest residents. And while our printed new mover’s guide is mailed for free to new homeowners, even long-time locals turn to BeLocal for recommendations on local businesses. Our go-to guides are updated regularly and always available digitally.

Thousands of advertisers partner with BeLocal because they understand the value of consistently reaching our otherwise hard-to-reach readers. While other forms of advertising can easily cost tens of thousands of dollars for a few months’ worth of exposure, our advertising program (which not only includes print advertising in a high-quality, highly read guide but also exposure on our website and social media promotion) comes in at a fraction of the cost.  Pair this with our digital marketing services and clients successfully reach their target audience via print and online.

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So why not put an end to the question of how many people you can advertise to and start focusing on who many – reaching the right people who need the product or service you provide? Get started → Visit your local BeLocal page and message the publisher today!