Welcome to Weddington!

The Weddington Town Hall

If you take a drive through the charming town of Weddington, you will understand why the population continues to be on the rise. Once known for its fertile farmland, Weddington conveniently sits on the northwest corner of Union County. The history of Weddington dates back to the early 1800s when Reuben Boswell, a Spotsylvania County, Virginia, native moved to Mecklenburg County. Reuben donated four acres of land what would become the Sandy Ridge Methodist Episcopal Church. With the help of donations from local farmers, the church became the new house of worship. As years passed, Reuben Boswell’s daughter married into the Weddington family, and soon Reuben had a grandson. Having lived and prospered in the area, Reuben B. Weddington became a prominent citizen. He helped establish a church building on the land his grandfather previously donated. In addition to the land, Reuben B. Weddington’s generous financial donations to the church, and the school owned by the church, resulted in Sandy Ridge Methodist Episcopal Church being changed to Weddington United Methodist Church. As the community continued to grow around the church, the Town of Weddington was established and was officially on the map.

By the 1970s and the growth in neighboring Charlotte, it wasn’t long before farmlands gave way to subdivisions and suddenly the two-land roads became engulfed in traffic. Farm tractors were replaced with cars and trucks. The residents of Weddington were proud of their rural atmosphere and the “down-home” feel of their town and were determined to preserve the future of their town. With the possible annexation of the City of Charlotte, community leaders and local residents took action. The process of petitioning the NC General Assembly for official incorporation began in earnest. Joe Hudson, NC House Representative and Weddington native, introduced House Bill 597. The bill was an act to incorporate The Town of Weddington in Union County. The town charter established the original boundaries of the town and appointed Mark Teal as the first Mayor of Weddington, along with four other councilmen. The act became effective upon ratification on May 2, 1983.

Just 15 miles southeast of Charlotte and only 14 miles northwest of downtown Monroe, Weddington residents find the location to be one of its most appealing qualities. Resident Candy Collins, who has lived in Hadley Park for six years, speaks highly of her neighbors and the quiet calm of Weddington. Candy especially likes the convenience to her work as a hairstylist in the Salon Lofts at Rea Farms. “Weddington is a wonderful area. It makes you feel as though you are living in the country while being close to the city life in Charlotte,” she noted. While only 27 of the approximately 11,000 acres in Weddington are commercially owned, the 9,924 residents of Weddington often visit The Weddington Corners Shopping Center at the corner of Providence and Weddington roads. At the heart of Weddington is the Thomas-Wren historic home built in 1894. The notable home now serves as The Weddington Town Hall. In front of the Town Hall sits a roundabout that was constructed in 2013 to help with the surge of traffic that flows in and out of Weddington.

The town consists almost entirely of single-family homes with growing families attending another one of the great school districts in Union County. Weddington Elementary School, Weddington Middle School, and Weddington High School are conveniently located on Highway 84 and continue to grow in student population.   
Antioch Elementary also feeds into Weddington Middle and High Schools and is located at the corner of Antioch Church Road and Tilley Morris Road. With the tax rate of 5.2 cents per $100 valuation, the taxes are primarily used to fund public safety. The Town of Weddington has a contractual agreement with the Union County Sheriff’s Office for three police officers assigned specifically to Weddington in addition to the coverage that is provided by Union County. The town also has a contract with the Wesley Chapel VFD for fire and emergency services. Residents pay all taxes to Union County. The median home value in Weddington is approximately $600,000 but offers numerous homes in the $300,000-$500,000 range.

A lot has changed about Weddington since its inception in 1983, however, the spirit and character of Weddington is still present. Family events, such as food truck nights and the annual Christmas Tree Lighting, are held at the beautiful Weddington Town Hall. Events are planned to bring kids and adults together.  

For more information about The Town of Weddington and Union County, visit https://www.townofweddington.com/ and https://www.unioncountync.gov/. You can also connect with The Town of Weddington and Union County on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
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