Welcome to the St. Croix Valley!

I spent my first eighteen years of life growing up in Woodbury, and I’ve had great fun delving more deeply into exploring the St. Croix Valley with my family and friends in recent years. Summers were spent boating on the St. Croix River and picnicking in the park in downtown Hudson where priceless and special memories were made. After college, I moved back to this community as it has a special place in my heart. I am so excited to share all that this community has to offer with you as you navigate the St. Croix Valley area.

Moving is one of life’s most exciting experiences, but it often comes with stressors. Whether you are moving across the town or from a different state, there is a multitude of tasks to make your home a unique space. It takes time to find trusted people and hidden local gems, and it takes additional measures to find quality service. BeLocal St. Croix Valley is here to help with all of this! 

Written by long-time locals, you can trust this to be your guide to the area. We have pieced together all that you need so you can start living like a local in the St. Croix Valley. From where to dine, which kid-friendly places best suit your little ones, and even where you can bring your furry friends, you are certain to find a great fit for your needs and interests.

The St. Croix Valley is filled with beautiful scenery, amazing local businesses, tons of history, and never-ending activities to enjoy the four seasons. BeLocal St. Croix Valley will introduce you to all of the greatest things St Croix Valley has to offer and when best to find these offerings. 

Our business partners are the ones who make this guide possible. We hope that you give them a chance, as we have found the best of the best in a variety of industries. When you do, you are supporting local businesses that are continually giving back to our community. Our sponsor index will provide you with additional information to contact our business partners to help you get ready for your next chapter.

We truly hope you love this community as much as we do.

Welcome Home,


Fun Fact:
Stillwater is the birthplace of Minnesota!