10 Pieces of Advice for Moving to Schaumburg in 2020


Moving isn’t always easy. Whether you’re venturing out on your own for the first time or moving to a city because of work it can be a daunting experience. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Many have come before you and passed on their wisdom to ensure that your move goes as smoothly as possible.
Here are just a few tips to help you on your way:

1.  Plan Ahead
This is true especially if you’re making a big move between states or with a lot of stuff. Talk to you’re the leasing office or your movers before you hit the road to make sure everything is ready and waiting for you upon your arrival. Some leasing offices will make exceptions to their move-in rules to better accommodate your needs.

2.  Head to the Library
There’s no better way to tap into your community than by heading to the public library. Keep in mind the Schaumburg is a big place so your public library may not be where you think. Depending on where you are located in the district you may either be a part of the library on Roselle Rd. or the Palatine Public Library off of Northwest Highway. It is recommended that you contact the library before going to save yourself a trip to the wrong location.

3.  Check Out the Food
There’s no better way to scope out a new place than check out the food. Since you’ve just moved in there’s a good chance you’ll be hungry so it’s a good idea to drive around town and pick up carryout menus from the places that catch your eye.

4.  Make New Friends
Moving to a new environment is never easy but having a support system makes it a much smoother process. How you make friends really depends on how old you are while reading this article. If you’re a teenager, reach out to someone in school. If you’re college-age hang out at local hotspots like Starbucks or Woodfield Mall (more on that later).

5.  Buy Some Furniture
One of the perks of living in Schaumburg is having access to what’s arguably one of the largest furniture stores in the country. IKEA is located on McConnor Parkway a few blocks from Woodfield Mall. But honestly, if you are anywhere near the mall you should be able to see it just by looking outside. The store has everything you need to fill your house/apartment without breaking the bank.

6.  Relax
Moving can be a hard process and no one expects you to adjust to your new environment right away. Take all the time you need to become comfortable. You will be calling your new neighborhood home soon enough.

7.  Learn Your Way Around
Despite being in the suburbs, Schaumburg has a variety of transportation options to get you where you need to go. If you want to get into the city you can pick up the Metra train at the Arlington Heights Racetrack or drive to Rosemont to pick up the El train. If you’re looking to travel a bit further out but keep the car at home an Uber can drop you off at the nearby O’Hare airport or there is also a Greyhound Station located next to Whole Foods.

8.  Get Involved
Volunteering is a great way to not only get to know like-minded people but also give back to the community. Schaumburg has a number of volunteer organizations such as Feed My Starving Children and the Almost Home Foundation which serve a variety of needs both in town and (in the case of Feed My Starving Children) across the world.

9.  Go Virtual
In the age of the internet, social media tools like Facebook and Twitter are a great way to get to know your neighborhood. A quick search on Facebook brings up a number of local groups involving everything from things for sale to general community discussions. In the age of COVID, it is also a great way to network and make friends without leaving the house.

10.  Be Open to New Opportunities
Moving to a new town is a chance for many to start fresh. Chances like that don’t come along very often so it is always best to take advantage of them while you can. Say yes to what’s available and see where it takes you. Try things would have never tried before. You won’t regret it.