Meet Delaney ... Your Local Model

Hey, teens! We hope you are excited to be moving into Queen Creek, as there are so many new friends to meet and activities to join! You may be wondering what those things are, so we asked one of our teen residents for you: Delaney is 15 years old, lives in Queen Creek Ranchettes III, and loves modeling. Read on to find out why and what it takes to be a model!

When did you first decide to get into modeling?
I applied to Ford/RBA Agency in April of 2020.

Why did you choose Ford/RBA Agency to represent you?
Ford/RBA Agency is a respected modeling and acting agency in Scottsdale, Arizona. They manage some of the top talent in the state.

Where do you normally model at?
Occasionally I go into the office for digital updates (basic pictures to be submitted to clients) or even photo shoots with the development board agent, Adam Hays.

Are you on a team?
I am a part of the development board (teenage board).

Have you met anyone famous models?
Due to COVID-19, I haven't been able to meet any other talent in person, but Ford/RBA manages some very successful talent.

What events have you participated in?
I had my very first test shoot in May 2020 with the photographer @smallerocean. She had another test shoot in October 2020 with her agent at the Ford/RBA office. I have a dance-inspired photoshoot coming up in February 2021.

What do you like the most about modeling?
I enjoy being in front of the camera and trying different poses and faces. For me, it is kind of a way to combine ballet and modeling.

One tip for someone looking to get into modeling:
I would recommend really doing research on agencies to make sure you're not getting scammed. Also, realize that you’re not always going to get a yes, but always keep trying!