Making A CLEAN Difference

Tips and Techniques for Cleaning Your New Home!

Three topics all new homeowners should consider when moving into a home:

  1. Toilets.  Clean toilets weekly to remediate against hard water build up and etching of a ring into the water level of the toilet. If ignored long enough, a pumice stone will be needed to remove, but the ring will keep coming back.
  2. Shower doors.  Hard water is an Arizona homeowner's sneaky nemesis. It slowly builds up and etches into your glass shower door. Once etched it is no longer possible to remove those little unsightly spots. You can avoid this if you use a quality stainless steel squeegee (not the cheap plastic ones hanging as impulse items in the grocery store isles) on your shower door after every use. The current best seller is on Amazon
  3. Flooring.  Oil collected on the bottom of your shoes and from your bare feet deposit on your carpets and tile flooring creating dirty traffic lanes and damaged carpet. Walking around your home in socks or a dedicated indoor shoe will help to keep your floors as clean as possible. A good old fashioned mud room, as they called it in the midwest, is the best place to keep your 'outside' shoes from carrying any dirt into your home.
Don't let dirt slowly build up and destroy your beautiful home, an annual deep clean and routine maintenance (2x monthly) cleaning around your home will keep your personal space in tip top shape, preventing excessive wear and tear, and the envy of every mother-in-law! :)