Bison and Beauty!

The establishment of Daniels Park dates back to a generous donation of 1,000 acres – 38 acres in 1920 and 962 acres in 1937 — to the City of Denver by Florence Martin. Daniels Park is 12,000 acres of open space and is apart of the Denver Mountain Park system located on the edge of Highlands Ranch.

Daniels Park is one of the best spots for sunsets in Denver and mountaintop views of Colorado’s expansive Front Range. Vista views from the park are enjoyed as it is perched high above the Front Range with panoramic views of Pike’s Peak, Long’s Peak and the Denver skyline. The park is popular for those who love hiking, biking, bison viewing and picnics all year round.

The trail system provides trails for walking, running, and biking. You can walk as little as 0.2 miles or as far as 5.4 miles. The park’s trail starts at the Shelter House and extends to the top of the bluff, to Grigs Road, and eventually connecting with the Douglas County East/West Trail.

The Tallbull Memorial Grounds is an exclusive ceremonial site that is fenced off, gated and only open to the public during Native American powwows. There is an annual powwow that is held every Labor Day weekend for the public to attend.

8682 N. Daniels Park Rd., Sedalia, CO 80135