You will love it!

Why does the Welden family live in Coweta County?

My grandchildren are the sixth generation of several family bloodlines to call Coweta County home. If you were born in this county and I am not kin to you, my grandchildren probably are! People ask what is it about Coweta County that causes people to stay or come back. The answer is not a short one.

There is a sense of community in Coweta County, the feeling that we are in this together – no one has to do anything alone.

If you are new to Coweta County, I want to offer suggestions on how you can become a member of the community.

If you like the arts, the place that our family enjoys visiting is The Donald W. Nixon Centre for the Performing and Visual Arts." The Centre is part of the Coweta County School System and has a variety of excellent programs. If you want to become more involved, you should consider becoming a member of the Centre Patrons whose goal is to support the programs of the Centre so the next generations can enjoy the programs of the Centre.

Humans are one of the few species of animals that prepare meals for and have fellowship with others while eating. That said, I really enjoy the fellowship and a good meal! Coweta County has a very informative Facebook page: “Restaurant Reviews of Coweta and Fayette Counties” is a great place to find suggestions on where to join friends or family for a meal.

In addition to a good school system and the county library system, another place you can learn while meeting good people is the “Newnan Carnegie Library.” The Library is not a part of the county library system but is owned by the City of Newnan and operated by the Newnan Carnegie Library Foundation. Programs vary from book and meeting the authors of current books, to classes on Exercise in Medicine, which is a group exercise program. The Carnegie has programs for children as well as adults.

Everyone needs to learn about history. The Newnan Coweta Historical Society,, and the Senoia Area Historical Society,, are wonderful resources for informative programs and museums.

Downtown Newnan,, and Downtown Senoia,, are always having events that are enjoyable and a good place to learn more about our county.

If you want to know why six generations of my family call Coweta County home, get out and get involved. It will not take long before you will not want to leave either!