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Golf Cart Capital of the World!

Is Peachtree City a good place to live? There is no question that Peachtree City is a wonderful place to live! Peachtree City is an idyllic master-planned community that dates back to 1959 when a collection of real estate developers first founded the city. Fast forward 62 years, and Peachtree City is now most known for its 100-plus miles of multi-use path system. 

Peachtree City is made up of distinct villages and neighborhoods that form this 24-square-mile suburb. Located just 30 miles from the heart of Atlanta, Peachtree City is bustling with young families, single professionals and retirees. With a focus on natural balance, Peachtree City has three large lakes and over 40 parks to enjoy. However, the real gem of the city is the relaxed golf-cart lifestyle. Peachtree City residents can go days without having to drive a car; most opt to run errands, go to work, or drop their kids off at school via golf cart. With a population at just over 36,000 residents and a bit under 10,000 registered golf carts, residents have mastered the multi-use paths to get them from the north side of the city to the south side without the hassle of any traffic. 

Therefore, now that you have joined the Peachtree City community, it is highly recommended to get a golf cart, not only to easily get around town but you may want to join one of the many golf cart parades Peachtree City hosts. The multi-use path system is not only designed for golf carting, it is meant to serve as a recreational activity as well. The path system was designed to accompany bikers, joggers and walkers by providing them scenic nature routes throughout the city.

If your children’s education is of utmost importance to you, Peachtree City is home to some of the top schools not only in the state but also in the country. For example, McIntosh High School is rated the 13th Best Public High School in the State of Georgia.  

On top of award-winning schools, Peachtree City has for the second time earned a national accolade as one of the best places to live in the United States. Money magazine and CNN/Money ranked Peachtree City eighth in the country among cities with more than 14,000 people. The "Best Places" list was compiled by weighing data such as economics, education and safety factors, which counted twice as much as arts, leisure and park space. Money writers also consulted residents and community leaders to gather information.

In its online write-up, CNN/Money credited the quality of the school system, the low crime rate, and also noted was the structure of the city. "Despite tremendous sprawl around Atlanta over the past decade, Peachtree City bursts with green, thanks to a rule that limits development and commercial signage," the article notes.

Peachtree City residents are not accustomed to boredom, thanks to the many activities, restaurants, the multi-use path system and green spaces. If you are a foodie, Peachtree City offers a variety of cuisine options that range from American bistro, sushi and farm-to-table. Peachtree City is also home to craft brewer, Line Creek Brewery. You can spend the day shopping at The Avenue, which is filled with high-end boutique retailers that include, Williams-Sonoma, Books a Million and Victoria’s Secret. If the outdoors is more your scene, you can go on a geocaching adventure and explore over 300 hidden finds.

Peachtree City also hosts a multitude of city-wide events that include Sunset Sounds at Drake Field, and a yearly 4th of July parade and fireworks display. You can learn to fly or take a flight! If aviation is of interest to you, you can take flying lessons or just take a scenic ride at the Atlanta Regional Airport, better known as Falcon Field. Mark your calendars, as the Falcon Field is also host to the Atlanta Air show, which comes around annually in May. Alternatively, stop by The Dixie Wing Museum, an organization that preserves and highlights aircrafts throughout American history

With over 40 parks and Line Creek Nature, Preserve Peachtree City is a nature lover's dream. Kids are never bored in Peachtree City! There is a BMX bike, a hockey rink, and skate park, multiple tennis courts, two public pools, a splash pad for younger children and two stunning recreational facilities: Kedron Fieldhouse and Aquatic Center and Glenloch Recreation Complex. The recreational facilities offer kids camps and a variety of classes for children and adults. If you consider your dog to be your fur child, not to worry – Peachtree City has a dog park that boasts three different play areas for your furry family members.

Nevertheless, you will want to catch a concert at The Fred Amphitheater during the beautiful summer months. There is a weekly farmers' market that is filled with local produce, crafts and food. From art festivals to food festivals, Peachtree City has an abundance of events happening throughout the year. Holidays are big in this town; you can always expect Santa visits, Halloween extravaganzas and Easter egg hunts!

Whatever your reason is for choosing Peachtree City as your new home, we happily welcome you and your family to our community!
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Important Contact Numbers:
Peachtree City Police Department: (770) 487-8866
Peachtree City Fire Department: (770) 631-2526
Peachtree City Senior Services, The Gathering Place: (770) 631-2553
City Hall: (770) 487-7657
Golf cart registration, please call or visit city hall.