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Historic Banning Mills

Newnan is approximately 30 miles southwest of the state capital. It has a distinct atmosphere and history. It was founded in 1828, during the first wave of European-American settlement in the southeast of the United States.

Early Newnan was a power in the cotton industry, became rich and was fairly untouched by the Civil War. Hence, it has great examples of antebellum architecture. 

Here are some interesting places to go in the general area.

Downtown Newnan
Newnan’s downtown consists of nine square blocks, still in accordance with its original layout in 1828. It has spacious avenues that wrap around the Coweta County Courthouse. It was built from red-brown brick in a Greek Revivalist style in 1904, and includes a clocktower originally hand wound. Additionally, the first Carnegie library in the state is here.

Dunaway Gardens – 3218 Roscoe Rd., Newnan
This beautiful botanical garden area is about 5 miles north of Newnan. It extends down a hillside to five terraces. l.e. down a hillside in a series of five terraces. From the terraces, you will see sculptures and waterfalls, hanging gardens and goldfish ponds, and a granite feature called Little Stone Mountain.
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Chattahoochee Bend State Park – 425 Bobwhite Way, Newnan
If you head west from downtown, you’ll reach Chattahoochee Bend State Park. This is one of Georgia's largest state parks with 10 miles of hiking trails and close to some mountain bike trails. 
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Coweta County African-American Heritage Museum and Research Center – 92 Farmer St., Newnan
Sometimes called the Caswell House, it houses pieces relating to African-American history and is designed using a common style from the Civil War to the early 1900s called shotgun. It is located right next to what some believe is the largest cemetery for enslaved people anywhere in the South, called the Farmers Street Cemetery. An interesting rumor is that it is haunted, and some reported seeing Ruby, the original owner of the building. 
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Abide Brewing Company – 130 Werz Industrial Blvd., Newnam
Abide was the first Newnan brewery and features the trend of craft brewers around the country that produce delicious and different beers. You can visit the brewery for tasting or you will find it in a number of local bars.
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The Little White House – 401 Little White House Rd., Warm Springs
The name is derived due to being a favorite retreat of President Franklin D. Roosevelt. It is just 20 miles south in a town called Warm Springs. Roosevelt built it before he became president. It is also where he died in 1945, shortly after his fourth term initiated as president. It remains as it was on the day he passed and includes many personal items of the president. 
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Greenville Street Park – 51 Greenville St., Newnan
Just a short distance from downtown, citizens have been meeting here for many years. It has a grand entrance and two dozen Greek-style columns that lead to a fountain, terraced lawn great for picnics and with paths winding throughout. The garden has two interesting sculptures. One is a woman with a clapboard, a material commonly used to build many of the homes in the area. No two pieces of clapboard are the same and gives representation to the uniqueness of the city. 
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Historic Banning Mills – 205 Horseshoe Dam Rd., Whitesburg
About 10 miles away is Historic Banning Mills, featuring zip lines and wall climbing. It is really an adventure resort within a natural scenery where you can hike through the woods or ride horseback across the streams or via kayak. Afterwards, guests can visit the spa for relaxation. 
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Frederick Brown, Jr. Amphitheater – 201 McIntosh Trl., Peachtree City
Featuring a summer series outdoors with travel bands.
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Atlanta Air Show – Falcon Field, Peachtree City
At Falcon Field, featuring displays and exhibits and various aircraft tricks.

Georgia Renaissance Festival – 6732 Virlyn B. Smith Rd., Fairburn 
Weekends from April through June yearly, enjoy a recreated 16th-century village with circus-style entertainment, arts and crafts, and over 100 skilled artisans showing their crafts. Everything you could want from music, knights and jousting, feats of skill, minstrels, juggling, comedy and more as you stroll through the village.
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Adventures PTC – 1000 Cooper Cir. S., #103b, Peachtree City
Rent canoes and kayaks, paddleboards, and receive basic instructions for enjoyment on the PTC lakes.

Legacy Theater – 1175 Senoia Rd., Tyrone
This is a Broadway musical theater and also features a Children's Series.

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Local Residents Say... 

Favorite local hiking and biking
Jennifer H. – LINC, Cochran Mills, Chattahoochee Bend State Park, Line Creek Nature Preserve
Barbara L. – Sweetwater Creek State Park, Lithia Springs. "The last part of the hike is along Sweetwater Creek with access to the water. It's so refreshing after a hot hike. Chattahoochee Bend State Park."
Kimberly C. – The LINC
Barb D. – Chatahoochee Bend State Park
Kristen H. – LIN Newnan
Cecelia H. – LINC trail; Chattahoochee Bend Park
Debbie M. – Line Creek (PTC)
Paulette R. – Chatt Hills
Selina S. – Line Creek Nature Area

Favorite places to take your pets
Jennifer H. – LINC Trail, Sprayberry Dog Park, Serenbe
Kimberly C. – Banfield (Newnan)
Kristen H. – LINC Newnan
Cecelia H. – Dog Park on Sprayberry Road
Debbie M. – U Dirty Dog, PTC lake
Selina S. – Peachtree City Dog Park

Off the Beaten Path
Jennifer H. – Haralson Gravel Trail (for biking) and Dirty Sheets Gravel Trail (also for biking)
Kimberly C. – Browns Mill Battlefield trails
Barb D. – Soon will have pickleball at PBP
Kristen H. – Miguelinos Mexican Food Sharpsburg. "Tiny restaurant with GREAT flavor! The grilled chicken that they have on the weekend is amazing."
Danah W. – Rocksalt Milk Bar ice cream, Frio’s popsicles
Selina S. – Commemorative Air Force Dixie Wing (Museum)