Through the Lens of a Lancaster Transplant

Dr. Michael Robinson

Michael Robinson moved to Lancaster four years ago to complete his training as a family medicine physician. He enjoyed the charms of Lancaster city so much that he decided to stay and now lives in the city with his partner, Gracie Zvara. 
Since making Lancaster your home, what have you most appreciated about this area?
There are many things about this area that I love, but what has most appealed to me is the perfect mix of urban and rural opportunities available in Lancaster. I love the culture, diversity, restaurants and bars of the city, as well as its walkable nature and the parks. However, I also love that I can drive 15-20 minutes outside of the city and immediately be surrounded by peaceful farmland and explore nature through beautiful hiking opportunities.
How have you gotten to know the Lancaster area through photography?
Photography has really allowed me to get to know the area in greater detail. Within the city, there are many unique historical and architectural structures that are ripe for photos. I also very much enjoy hiking and taking photos of nature and sunsets, and Lancaster County as a whole has many beautiful nature scenes which get me motivated to go out and explore.
Is there a particular part of Lancaster in the city or countryside that you most enjoy photographing? Why?
In the city, there is a vantage point at East King Street and Lime Street that gives a great view of the sunset and of downtown Lancaster. I love taking pictures from that spot.
In the countryside, I enjoy taking sunset pictures from Chickies Rock as well as the Pinnacle. I also enjoy taking pictures of the Lancaster Conservancy’s many beautiful nature preserves.
What advice or recommendations can you give for those who have just moved here within the last couple of months?
Don’t just stick to the “touristy” things, though those are awesome as well – get out and explore Lancaster’s beautiful nature scenes! I am a relative newcomer here, and I still meet people who have lived here for decades and are unaware of the county’s beautiful nature opportunities.
For city living, make a list of Lancaster’s awesome restaurants and culinary scene, and make it a priority to go to each spot. We are really fortunate to have so many great restaurants and food opportunities.