Meet The Folkvolds

When the Folkvords started Wheat Montana, in 1990, their first bakery was located in Bozeman, on College Street. The first loaves of fresh, Wheat Montana breads were sold at the local Albertson’s and Town and Country stores. The family has had close ties to Bozeman and the Gallatin Valley, since day one of their business ambitions. It seems fitting that as they’ve transitioned and grown as a family, that they would have a keen interest in Bozeman and its surrounding opportunities.

Today, the family has sold all their holdings in Wheat Montana, and the dryland wheat farm that became nationally recognized as the supply link to their Montana Born and Bread products.

When Hillary and Haylee expressed an interest in entrepreneurism and hospitality, the efforts of the family turned to acquiring, and reimagining, local hotels.

The first, The Sacajawea Hotel/Pompey’s Grill in Three Forks, proved that they could take a heretofore unprofitable/rundown property, and restore, revitalize, and establish economic success. Now, 10 years in, the family considers this property a centerpiece to the family story.

With the full engagement of the daughters, their new RSVP Motel/Farmer’s Daughters Eatery opened in 2018. Once a dilapidated motor hotel, the new place is upscale, modern, and features healthy food. Customer response has been positive. Enough so that the family has its eyes on doing another soon.

“In total, we have four hospitality properties, and were banking on this area's attractiveness to visitors now and after the Covid crisis abates,” says Hillary Folkvord.  

Haylee said, “In the meantime, we’re working together, as a family, and as a team, with our excellent employees to ensure that we get to offer travelers, and Montanan’s, a unique experience when we do business together.”

The Folkvords enjoy travel, new experiences, great food, their friends, and meeting new people. Every time they travel, there’s a new idea, or a new way of doing business, that gets brought back to Montana and is incorporated into the businesses. It’s proven to be an effective strategy, and hopefully our state benefits, as Montana-grown entrepreneurs – like the Folkvord family – strive to make their dreams come true.