Moving into a new home is such an exciting time! However, from the moment you decided to move, to closing day and beyond, your to-do list can seem a mile long.

Here are 12 things you can make sure to do while settling into your new home.

1. Change your address with the post office and all online shopping sites. 
Let's face it... Driving to your old address to pick up an Amazon package is a pain. It's better to update your address with USPS and Amazon as soon as you close on your home. Be sure to let your friends and any other companies you receive mail from know your new address.

2. Security check! Change out your locks, and reprogram your garage door openers. 
There's no telling who has a key to your home or an extra opener. Get new locks and have your garage doors reprogrammed so they only work with the remotes you have. Smartlocks are a convenient choice as they can be controlled and monitored from your phone. A home security system and invisible fence for our four-legged family members are also a part of the security checklist. And, remember to check the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors as well as locate the water shut-off valve.

4. Confirm all utilities, trash, cable and internet have been transferred. 
A good REALTOR® will remind you to do this before closing, but it's not a bad idea to double-check.

5. Plan your commute to work. 
This is probably something you've thought about before making an offer, but now that you're moved in, it's wise to drive around and get a feel for the lay of the land. Make sure to check the main thoroughfares for any construction closures and how long it takes with and without traffic.

6. Get a professional deep clean, including carpets.  
While many homes look pretty clean, you can't be sure just by looking. It's best to have this done before you move in. Have you thought about trash bin cleaning? There's several local companies that can clean your stinky bins!

7. Scope out the grocery stores and local shopping. 
While you're driving around, make sure to find your closest gas station, grocery store, pharmacy and car wash. Of course Google will tell you, but nothing beats actually driving there and remembering where everything is.

8. Research and join a local social group. 
Chances are that your neighborhood has a Facebook or NextDoor page, which are great ways to connect with your new neighbors. Stop by Visit Wichita, City Hall meetings, or get a library card. If you want to branch out a little, reach out to US! We'd be happy to help you get plugged into a variety of groups.

9. Visit the DMV. 
No matter where you've moved from, you will eventually need to update the address on your driver's license. Be sure to update your voter registration, too! Visit for all the requirements.

10. Find new health professionals in your network. 
If you've moved from a different city or state, it may be a good idea to ask your former family physician if they have any recommendations in Wichita.

11. Understand how the Kansas climate can impact your yard. 
If you're new to Kansas, it's important to understand how our weather affects many things, like grass, planting, pruning and sprinkler blowouts. 

12. Utilize BeLocal to discover local favorites. 
Whether you're looking for a new church, day trip ideas, the best local parks or anything in between, you can always find the most up-to-date version of BeLocal Wichita online! ***** place link here!!!!! *****