Sports for Everyone

For new residents stepping into the area, there are more than just beautiful landscapes and warm neighbors awaiting you. These cities are pulsing with an energetic sports culture, ensuring that both the young and the young-at-heart have a myriad of athletic pursuits to choose from. Whether you're looking to lace up your soccer cleats, take a swing with a baseball bat, or dive into competitive swimming, there's a league or club ready to welcome you. Here's a rundown of the premier sports leagues across these cities, catering to various ages and skill levels:

The Gallatin Soccer Club is a focal point for local soccer enthusiasts. This club champions the growth of soccer, from nurturing young talents to fostering adult recreational play. Their organized events, from tournaments to training sessions, have consistently brought the community together under the umbrella of sport.

The Hendersonville Soccer Club has been instrumental in cementing soccer's place in local culture. Through its various programs, it not only provides training and development opportunities but also forges a sense of community among its members. The club stands as a testament to the city's commitment to promoting soccer at every age and skill level.

Soccer at the Goodlettsville Soccer Club is more than just kicks and goals. It's a culture, a tradition, an institution that's been championing the growth of the sport for years. Recognizing the diverse interests and capabilities of its members, the club has curated a range of programs tailored for different age groups. This ensures that everyone from young kids to seasoned players has a place to grow and shine. The club's endeavors are a testament to its commitment to ensuring that soccer's rich legacy flourishes and remains deeply rooted in the region.


The Gallatin Youth Baseball and Softball Association is more than just a league; it's where the next generation of ballplayers gets its start. With a focus on the essence of the game and player development, the association ensures a well-rounded experience that goes beyond just the fundamentals.

The name Goodlettsville Little League is synonymous with both passion for baseball and an unyielding community spirit. Their remarkable journey in the Little League World Series has not only made headlines but has deeply inspired countless young aspirants. The league serves as a platform, guiding these young talents, honing their skills, and making them appreciate the values of teamwork and community. With each passing season, the league solidifies its reputation as both a premier training ground and a symbol of community pride and unity.


The Gallatin Country Club stands as a testament to the timeless appeal of golf. More than just a haven for golf enthusiasts, it's a revered institution deeply ingrained in the fabric of the sport. The club proudly hosts local tournaments, drawing participants and spectators alike, and fostering a community spirit around the game. Furthermore, with its state-of-the-art training facilities, it continually ensures that golf isn't just for the elite but remains a sport that's accessible, inclusive, and enjoyable for everyone.


Basketball aspirations find their roots in the Goodlettsville Basketball Association. This association is committed to not just honing basketball skills but also fostering a deep appreciation for the sport, ensuring every player recognizes the value of teamwork and dedication.


For tennis lovers, the Hendersonville Tennis Club is the epicenter. Whether you're an amateur looking to learn or a seasoned player seeking competition, the club provides tailored programs. Its regular events and tournaments have made it a pivotal part of the local sports scene.


The Hendersonville Swim League is not your ordinary swimming program. While it excels in teaching the technicalities of strokes and dives, its real strength lies in its holistic approach to aquatic training. The program is meticulously designed to nurture budding swimmers, emphasizing the core technical aspects of swimming while also instilling values of discipline, perseverance, and dedication. This dual approach ensures that every swimmer emerges as not just a proficient athlete but also a disciplined individual.

Parks and Recreation
In Hendersonville, the youth sports leagues under the Parks and Recreation Department are a vibrant showcase of young talent, encompassing a variety of sports such as t-ball, basketball, baseball, and tennis. These programs cater to various age groups, providing a comprehensive platform for skill development, physical fitness, and teamwork. 

Hendersonville Civitan 
The sports offered through Hendersonville Civitan stand as a pillar of community sports. It's not just a place for children to learn the basics of various sports but also a space where they can grow, foster teamwork, and build character. While its baseball leagues have always been a highlight, the Civitan's football, cheerleading, and basketball programs are equally robust and significant. Each sport is meticulously planned to ensure participants receive both skill training and an appreciation for the sport's ethos, making it a holistic experience for young athletes.

i9 Sports 
i9 Sports stands out as a beacon for youth sports across these cities. Catering to kids aged 3-14, it offers leagues, camps, and clinics in popular sports like flag football, soccer, basketball, baseball, and ZIP Lacrosse™. Their holistic approach emphasizes not just the technicalities of each sport but also the overarching values of sportsmanship and team spirit.