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Brian Schuller

Brian Schuller

Brian Schuller serves as the franchise owner for Belocal Eastern Summit County, with a focus on helping local business owners connect with new homeowners. Brian also owns and operates Stroll Canterbury and Stroll Glenmoor magazines, which offer business owners the ability to reach a very affluent demographic. His primary roles include new business development, customer service, and leading his staff. In addition to running three publications here in North Eastern Ohio, Brian also serves as a national performance coach overseeing and coaching 20+ highly successful Franchise owners. Over Brian's 20+ years as a business owner, he has personally bought hundreds of thousands of dollars in advertising for companies he has owned and sold millions in print and digital media. Brian’s family has been lifelong North Eastern Ohio residents. His family enjoys sports, outdoor activities, family get-togethers, travel, and growing in their faith at Rivertree Christian Church.

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