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Dining in Sacramento with Lorenzo From SacFoodandBooze

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Alaro Craft Brewery  
2004 Capitol Ave., Sacramento | @alarobrewing
Who doesn't like tapas? Alaro is a Spanish-style restaurant that is a perfect place to order a little of everything because it is all shareable. Did we mention they also brew their own beer that has won some pretty amazing awards?

Bacon & Butter 
5913 Broadway, Sacramento | @baconandbuttersac
As one of the only breakfast-focused restaurants in the area, Bacon & Butter will not disappoint with their mouth-watering stacks of pancakes to their grilled cheese benny.

Bambi Vegan Tacos 
1725 I St., Sacramento | @bambivegantacos
Vegan food done right. Vegan or not, you will love their take on tacos. It will make you question whether or not you are eating meat.

Beast + Bounty 
1701 R St., Sacramento | beastandbounty916
A perfect balance for the meat-eaters and the vegetarians. Most plates are sharable, so you can order a little of everything off the menu. Be sure to order dessert; you will not be disappointed.

2226 10th St., Sacramento | @binchoyaki
Binchoyaki will have you saying, “Keep the skewers coming and the beer flowing!”  They also offer Japanese comfort dishes like curry and ramen.

1719 34th St., Sacramento | @canoneastsac
Located in the East Sac neighborhood, this restaurant has great service, incredible shared plates and a beautiful aesthetic. I love that the menu changes with the seasons so every time you visit, you’ll be able to try something different. 

Fixins Soul Kitchen 
3428 Third Ave., Sacramento | @fixinssoulkitchen
Fixins serves up soul food classics like fried chicken, smothered pork chops and collard greens. You can find the best chicken and waffles here.

Frank Fat’s 
806 L St., Sacramento | @frankfatsdowntown
Frank Fat’s has stood the test of time and continues to thrive as one of the oldest family-owned restaurants in Sacramento serving up Chinese-American cuisine. Be sure to order the Fat’s brandy-fried chicken and the Peking duck.

Journey to the Dumpling 
7419 Laguna Blvd., Elk Grove | @journeytothedumpling
Soup dumplings! I haven’t had a dish that I didn’t like at Journey to the Dumpling, but my favorite menu item is the soup dumplings. 

Kodaiko Ramen & Bar 
718 K St., Sacramento | @ramenkodaiko
Looking for the best ramen in Sacramento? Look no further because Kodaiko is where it’s at. They make everything in-house, and you can tell that they take pride in what they prepare.

Kru Contemporary Japanese Cuisine  
3135 Folsom Blvd., Sacramento | @krusacramento
Kru is one of my favorite restaurants in Sacramento. The food, the vibe and the attention to detail will blow you away. My recommendation is to order either the special of the day or whatever is in season.

Lalo’s Restaurant  
5063 24th St., Sacramento | @lalo_restaurant_24th
A hidden gem in South Sacramento. Don’t let the exterior of the restaurant fool you; it may not look fancy, but it’s definitely worth checking out. They are known for their authentic barbacoa with consommé.

2031 S. St., Sacramento | @eatatlocalis
Fine dining at its best. Reserve your seat at the chef's counter and see the magic happen. You definitely want to come here for a special occasion and splurge on the tasting menu. 

Pangaea Bier Cafe  
2743 Franklin Blvd., Sacramento | @pangaeacafe
Come for the craft local beer, but stay for the delicious food. Pangaea has won many awards for having the best burger in Sacramento, and it has an amazing beer selection.  

Pizza Supreme Being  
1425 14th St., Sacramento | @pizzasupremebeing
It’s all in the dough. Pizza Supreme Being uses a sourdough that makes it the best crust. They offer pizza by the slices and whole pies and square pizzas that will satisfy your pizza cravings. 
1805 Cirby Way, Roseville | @nixtaco
Not your average Mexican restaurant. Nixtaco is a quality-focused restaurant where they make everything in-house. I love coming here because they are not afraid to put a twist on classic Mexican dishes. 
730 K St., Sacramento | @officialsolomons
Solomon’s is a newer restaurant in Sacramento but honors Sacramento history. Focused on honoring Tower Records and founder Russ Solomon.  You can find breakfast all day here with housemade bagels and some amazing traditional Jewish deli menu items. 
Sunflower Drive-In  
10344 Fair Oaks Blvd., Fair Oaks | @sunflowerdrivein
You don’t have to be vegan or vegetarian to enjoy the fare at Sunflower Drive-In.  Their nutburger is one their most popular items.

Tower Café 
1518 Broadway, Sacramento | @towercafesac
A true Sacramento staple. You can find something for everyone at Tower Café with a menu that features dishes from around the world. Their brioche French toast is a must-order for breakfast.  

Urban Roots Brewing & Smokehouse  
1322 V St., Sacramento | @urbanrootsbeer
Barbecue, beer and one of my favorite patios in Sacramento. Urban Roots not only has great barbecue but also brews their own beer in-house. You will most likely see me all summer with my pup on the patio.
Yue Huang Restaurant  
3860 Truxel Road, Sacramento 
Craving dumplings and all things dim sum? Hit up this strip mall hidden gem in Natomas; it won’t disappoint.

Meet Lorenzo From @SacFoodandBooze
Written by: Elizabeth McCabe

Want to know the top restaurants and bars in Sacramento? Why blindly venture out on your own when someone has done the work for you? Sacramento insider Lorenzo Garcia has taste-tested food and drinks from local restaurants and bars for years.

As the mastermind behind @SacFoodandBooze, Lorenzo has built a faithful following on Instagram. He knows the pulse of the community, the best offerings to please your palate at local restaurants and the ambiance of local bars. Best of all, he shares it with his followers on social media.

About Lorenzo
Born and raised in Sacramento, Lorenzo is a true local. He comments, “I really enjoyed growing up in the area. I moved to Southern California in my early 20s, but I wanted to come back to Sacramento. Whenever I could, I made a trip to visit friends and family.”

His introduction to the possibility and potential of social media as a platform came during his college years with a college assignment to create a business plan that included a social media strategy. Posting about men’s fashion trends drew people to Lorenzo’s page. As he says, “I saw how Instagram and social media could really connect people.”

When he moved back to Sacramento, new restaurants were popping up. That prompted Lorenzo and his sister to check out new restaurants and start an Instagram page.

“The idea came a while ago from a project in college,” he says. He asked his sister in 2015, “Let’s do a page together.” The rest is history. Now they have 100,000 followers combined on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. With the rise of social media, Lorenzo found loyal followers who were genuinely interested in what he had to share.

Gaining Traction

How does SacFoodandBooze find its following? Lorenzo says, “With so many food bloggers in Sacramento, we are very collaborative with our page and showcase the places we enjoy going to.”  With picture-perfect photos and carefully chosen spots, fans frequent his page time and time again.

“We also build relationships with owners and managers,” adds Lorenzo. “We are really involved in what we share on our page. We are all in this together.”

Connections and Community

SacFoodandBooze is all about connecting with the community and finding new friends and family, according to Lorenzo. “We’re on the same journey sharing good places that we love and finding good places to eat.”

Through the process of sharing his journey, Lorenzo has found some good friends, dubbed his “fellow foodies.” A few months ago, he even went to one of their weddings. Newcomers to Sacramento have also found connections to others through SacFoodandBooze.

“I just like to share our passions and get involved with the community as much as possible,” explains Lorenzo.


We also caught up with Lorenzo to ask him a few questions of our own.
Q: Sweet or savory?
A: That’s a tough one. I love savory, but I always need a little sweetness at the end of a meal. A bite of chocolate is ideal to finish a meal.

Q: What is your No. 1 spot for food?
A: Kru is one of my favorite restaurants. This Sacramento classic sushi restaurant has some of the best food in town and some of the best service in town. I love how much they focus on the details of the food and its quality. I like to ask the chef to make his special of the week.

Q: What is your No. 1 spot for booze?
A: The Snug. It’s a classic bar that has amazing cocktails and a really good vibe. It’s really small, and that’s why it’s called The Snug.

Q: Tips for finding the best food and drink?
A: Wherever I go, I ask the server for their recommendations. They know what is best on the menu or recommend seasonal menu items. We live so close to so many resources; it’s always best to order what’s in season. The same thing with the bars — ask the bartender what their favorite cocktail is or give them creative freedom. People in the restaurant/bar industry are friendly and love to share what they have created.

Support Local

“We created SacFoodandBooze to support local and share our hidden gems,” says Lorenzo. He reaches followers on all platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and his website.

“I knew we needed to share across all platforms to get to every audience,” he explains. “That’s why we built our TikTok account.” In a digital age, one follower soon led to another, and Lorenzo built a loyal following.

When Lorenzo isn’t working on SacFoodandBooze, you can find him doing social media and marketing for restaurants and businesses. He loves what he does, and sharing his favorite finds with the community makes him happy. Be sure to check out Lorenzo’s dining guide in this issue for his list of favorite restaurants!