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When it comes to advice you can trust, who better to hear from than long-time community residents? With BeLocal, there’s no need to wonder where longtime residents go for fun, food, shopping, activities, and more.

Take a peek inside the latest issue for words of wisdom and smart suggestions from true locals.

Starting over in a new hometown is never simple.

But through BeLocal, you can easily explore local living at its finest. Check out the articles below to learn more about some of the best “hidden gems” the community has to offer.

So, How’s Your Hair?

New to the area, or maybe you just need a new hairstylist?

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Liv’s Local Faves

Getting to know Stark County through the eyes of a lifelong local

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But First, Coffee(Shops)

A go to coffee shop is a must, but a Local Coffee Shop is essential!

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Where do I FIT(ness) in?

How to find the perfect placed to continue your Fitness Journey

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WHAT is BeLocal magazine and WHY did I get it?

We’d like to be first to greet you. You’ve picked a great place to call home!

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How to Choose a Salon & Spa Service Professional

Expertise and Recommendations shared by Krista Offenberger

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Acclimation (For Kids!) Can Be Hard

There are mentoring resources available to make it easier!

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Umbrella Alley

A Must See Attraction in Downtown Louisville

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All This Moving Got You Hungry?

We’ve got you covered on all the go to places to eat and drink around town!

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You Bought The House! Now What?

Recommendations for local companies to meet your Home Services needs

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Taking Care of your Four-Legged Furry Friends

Know Where Your Neighbors Go When Their Pets Have a Need

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Disability Services & Support

A Local Guide to Special Needs Community Resources

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Rick Miller

BeLocal magazine is your trusted guide to everything local! BeLocal is more than just a magazine—it's an acclimation resource full of all that makes Portage & Stark County great. With a finger on the pulse of local events, businesses, and stories, BeLocal connects you to the heart of Portage & Stark County. Whether you're seeking hidden gems or looking for the local favorites, BeLocal is your key to fostering a sense of belonging and connection.

At BeLocal, we believe in amplifying and sharing the voices of our community members and promoting the most trusted businesses. Through insightful features, recommendations from locals, and organic resource guides, BeLocal encourages you to explore, connect, and participate in the vibrant tapestry of our community. Join us in celebrating the essence of Portage & Stark County through BeLocal magazine, where we strive to enrich the lives of our community members, embrace the local spirit and make lasting connections in the place we call home.

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