Boerne Radio

Photo by Jessi Edison

When you drive up Main Street in Boerne, there’s something very nostalgic about it all.
The Main Plaza with its gazebo, names on 100+ year old buildings, and at Christmas time, it’s right out of a great black and white movie like It’s A Wonderful Life.

It IS a wonderful life in Boerne, and every great movie has the perfect soundtrack.
In Boerne, the soundtrack to your life is heard on Boerne Radio 103.9FM.

Boerne is known as the Gateway to the Hill Country, and if you listen to Boerne Radio 103.9FM for more than 10 minutes you’ll hear that Boerne Radio is the “Gateway to Great Music” with music that spans generations with the thought that great music is great music. 

In a day with streaming media-on-demand people question the need for radio, but the difference is you can’t replace good LOCAL radio…and that’s what Boerne Radio provides.
Boerne Radio News with Tanya McMeans at the top of the hour with stories you need to know and mostly bragging about Boerne’s schools and community. Boerne Radio Sports at the bottom of the hour is always all about Boerne first, saying the names of student-athletes at Boerne, Champion, and Geneva High Schools…and if there’s still time, maybe a mention of Cowboys, Spurs, Astros, and Rangers.

Boerne Radio’s Weather Man is 11-year-old Jacque F. Dubose.  
When Jacques was 7, a Tornado Watch had the Dubose family huddled under a door frame in their house.  The very next day Jacques created a website and YouTube channel posting the weather forecast because he practices what he preaches… “Be weather aware!”  When Boerne Radio discovered Jacques' offerings, it was easy to put him on the next day.  Jacques hasn’t missed a day since. 

And while Boerne does have Traffic issues, the Traffic Reporter Dusty Rhodes usually provides a more entertaining report.  One time Dusty chirped in he was sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic, barely moving, and couldn’t recommend an alternate route.  When the news host asked Dusty where he was Dusty said, “Oh…I’m in the drive-thru line at the Whataburger”.

The other voices you hear on Boerne Radio are all from Boerne residents with the catchphrase of “I Love Boerne!”   

Musically speaking, in one hour you could hear music from Frank and Dean, Elvis and Aretha, The Beatles and the Beach Boys, Fleetwood Mac and Led Zeppelin, U2 and Coldplay, plus a great mix of Country from Hank and Lefty, Pasty and Kitty, Loretta and Dolly, Waylan and Willie, George Jones and of course George Strait. 

You’ll also hear special features folks enjoy like the Bluegrass Cover Song of the Day at Blue:Thirty (2:30pm), Solid Gold Saturday from 2pm-6pm is the best of 60s and 70s music, on Sunday mornings from 6am to 1pm is Gospel Sunday with the Greatest Gospel Music of all time featuring many of the same artists you hear during the week singing classic hymns, and classic Contemporary Christian Music from the Jesus Movement, and then from 2-4pm is The Boerne Radio Texas Music Show with Wayne Michaels.

Saturday morning is also the place to learn about what happening in Boerne with local talk shows including The Boerne Brew produced by The Boerne Star Newspaper, Local interview shows like God and Our Dogs with Meg Grier, The Real Estate of Texas with Jessica Johnson and Caly Redd, and Boost Boerne Business where Boerne businesses and nonprofits are showcased.

That radio show compliments a free networking event that Boerne Radio hosts called Boost Boerne Business that happens every third Thursday from 4-6pm at different locations around town, with over 100 Boerne business owners, leaders and marketing managers attending.  There’s always food and drink, an inspirational or marketing takeaway to help your business grow, and great door prizes.  

And of course the station is supported by local advertisers.  The commercials all either mention Boerne or the Hill Country and are voiced by the moms and pops that own the business.  You feel like you know these business owners before you ever call them.

Boerne Radio is owned by The BOFARS Media Group, founded by Baron and Shan Wiley.  Baron likes to tell the story of how they got the name.  “When my girls were 4 and 5, I gave them a squirrel for their menagerie of stuffed animals with the explanation that they had to share it.  Well, my mom came over to babysit that night, and asked my 4 year old what was the name of her new squirrel and she said “It’s BOFARS”.  My mom further asked “Why did you name it BOFARS?”, and my youngest said “No…that’s not its name, it’s not mine and it’s not hers…its BOFARS (both ours).  So we named our cat Bofars, and since Shan is 51% owner with me, it’s truly BOFARS.”

Baron Wiley has been in media for over 30 years and feels like he’s worked his whole life for this moment, getting his first big break in working many years with Sonny Melendrez who’s a radio icon in San Antonio with a Community Center named after him on the city’s West Side, twice named Billboard Magazine Personality of the Year, and in the Texas Radio Hall of Fame. 
Wiley said “Sonny taught me how to be a broadcaster, and love the community.  He’s my mentor and best friend.”  You can hear the inspirational and entertaining Sonny Melendrez Show on Saturday mornings at 9, and his warm and kind voice throughout the day.  

Boerne Radio was honored by the Greater Boerne Chamber of Commerce in early 2023 as Business of the Year, and Baron Wiley has been honored with his induction to the San Antonio Radio Hall of Fame.   Boerne Radio operates its office from The Boerne Star, and coming soon be on the lookout for their new on-air studio coming to Main Street Boerne.

Boerne Radio is a feel-good family friendly station and is a gift to Boerne.  Tune in at 103.9FM, stream on Alexa, Google, online at, or on the Boerne Radio App, and get ready to feel good!