The City Walks of Hickory and Lenoir

A panoramic view along City Walk, downtown Hickory is a wonderful way to explore the city.

If you are new to the Foothills, you may be surprised to learn about all of the improvements that the City of Hickory is investing into public works. Recently, a complete renovation of the grounds and parking was completed at Union Square. Along with this, planning and construction are ongoing with the Hickory trail, which is made up of the City Walk, River Walk, Aviation Walk, Historic Ridgeview Walk, and Art Walk. These are a series of interconnected paths and walkways designed for foot and bicycle traffic.

The City Walk is an existing 1.7-mile, 10-foot-wide, concrete, multi-use path that goes from St. Andrew's Lutheran Church across Highway 127 over a bridge, through downtown adjacent to Union Square, across Third Street, over another pedestrian bridge, and ends at Ninth Street NW. It will tie into the Art Walk, which will run down Old Lenoir Road, and tie into the Aviation walk near 12th Avenue NW and the Riverwalk.

The Aviation Walk will go over an Iconic pedestrian bridge over Highway 321, which is slated for an overhaul, complete with new bridges over Lake Hickory that will work around that bridge. This walk will go by LP Frans Stadium, home of the Crawdads, ending at Hickory Regional Airport, and will have some of the best views of the mountains the area has to offer.

The partially completed Riverwalk will tie into the end of the Art Walk and will run along the lake up to Geitner Park.  Part of the Riverwalk will be on an elevated walkway that extends over the lake, allowing public access to one of the area's most attractive assets. The Riverwalk will also connect with the current Northbound Highway 321 bridge, which will be converted into a pedestrian bridge when the new bridges are completed over the river. Completed sections run from Geitner Park toward the Artwalk and Aviation Walk.

On the other end of the City Walk, the Historic Ridgeview Walk will connect with the City Walk near and run through Ridgeview running from City Hall Ridgeview Library, Brown Penn Recreation Center.

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Across the river and up the hill, The City of Lenoir Greenway is a system of several loops and endpoints meandering through an urban landscape of parks and open areas, recreation centers, the library, and wooded tracts. It offers more than 9 miles of paths and trails for outdoor activities including running, walking, cycling, and mountain biking. These trails include the main greenway, the T.H. Broyhill Walking Park, and the greenway on Morganton Boulevard. The Zacks Fork Bike Trail offers nearly 3 miles of off-road trail for mountain biking. For a map and parking information, go to