“In Georgetown, you’re more than welcome.”

Welcome to Georgetown, Texas!
Don’t let our small-town charm fool you. Sure, a stroll around our square, which is named the most beautiful one in Texas, can feel a little like walking back through time — but you can be certain Georgetown is a city of today. As shop owners and neighbors greet you with a heartfelt, “Morning,” it seems like the rush and “weirdness” of Austin is a world away instead of just 25 miles south.

And while it’s true you can easily reach Austin, once you get here you’ll realize that you don’t have to go anywhere to have it all. The rotating exhibits at the Georgetown Art Center and shows at the Palace Theatre are just the beginning of the artistic adventures that await literally right around the corner. Explore a bit more and you’ll find public murals and art, distinctive dining experiences, watering holes and nightspots. We’re proud of the unique place we have created and can’t wait to share it with you. In Georgetown, you’re more than welcome to enjoy Texas-sized culture right here in our more intimate setting.
You’re also welcome to enjoy life at a slower pace — without ever having to worry about falling behind. We’re more than just welcoming – we’re also a thriving business community. With a supportive community, easy connections, and a talented workforce, you can build your business or career right here. If you’re looking to expand your mind, we’ve got that covered, too. Southwestern University, the oldest in Texas, welcomes students from all over, fueling our community with fresh faces and new ideas.

And you know those small-town events that make you feel warm inside and wish you could live that life? Well, we’ve got those in spades. We may be famous for our Red Poppy Festival that welcomes visitors every spring, but we find a reason to celebrate in every season, from sunset movies at San Gabriel Park to a Christmas Stroll straight out of a storybook. Georgetown welcomes you to share in our traditions and make them part of yours.
Whether it’s a cool dip in Blue Hole or a day hiking with the kids and even the family dog at Garey Park, everyone is welcome to enjoy the exceptional beauty of Georgetown. With so much in easy reach, there is plenty of time to explore or relax in the great outdoors. Our unbeatable parks and connected trails weave the community together just like stitches in a family quilt, uniting neighborhoods, open spaces, and natural wonders.
Around here, new neighbors quickly become lifelong friends and a sense of belonging only continues to grow from that first handshake or smile. If you are looking for a new opportunity, a fresh start, a place to put down roots or retire in your own style — whether you’ve come for the day or are here to stay, “In Georgetown, you’re more than welcome.”

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Josh Schroeder, Mayor
City of Georgetown