Welcome to the ‘Ville!

Regardless of whether you have moved from across town, from another state, or from overseas, settling into a new area can be both thrilling and overwhelming.  Within the first few months, new routines will be established, new friends will be made, and you will begin exploring your new community.   With so much to learn and so many tasks at hand, it can be mind-boggling to figure out which businesses deserve your loyalty and where all the local favorites are.

BeLocal East End Louisville is dedicated to making your transition as smooth as possible.   In your hands, you are holding the best of your new hometown.  We have found the best businesses, restaurants, parks, activities, and local events.  Written by longtime locals of the city, you can trust us to be your word-of-mouth guide to the area.  We have pieced together everything you need to know and everything you want to know about Louisville focused especially around the East End in which you now live.

Also, please know that we take tremendous pride in the businesses we feature as sponsors. We encourage you to give them a call and look at their reviews.  These quality businesses and their desire to serve you and your family are what make the BeLocal program possible.
But before you flip your way through the pages of this publication discovering how to explore your new town, you need to learn how to pronounce it first.  Although Louisville was named after King Louis XVI of France in appreciation for his assistance during the Revolutionary War, we don’t pronounce it Louey-ville.  Say it as LOO-A-VUL, and you will fit right in!

Sit back, relax and make your list of local hotspots to visit.  We look forward to seeing you around town.

Tammy Moloy

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