If You Want to Live An Active Lifestyle, You're in the Right Place!

Did you know, Austin is one of the healthiest cities in Texas? According to a report from WalletHub, Austin is number 11 on the list for the healthiest cities in America. Austin also came in at number three for the greatest number of healthy restaurants per capita. So, if you’re committed to living an active lifestyle, you’re in the right place... Fitness centers, specialty gyms, recreational facilities, parks, and outdoor activities are widely available in our area.   

Making New Friends
Of course, fitness activities provide our community with an opportunity for fellowship and social interaction. Since the definition of "what it means to be fit" is highly personalized, the opportunity to find like-minded individuals near your new home in greater Cedar Park is very high. We trust you'll make lots of new friends as you pursue your fitness interests.

Corporate Wellness
As you may know, there are numerous tech companies in our area. They attract individuals that have recently graduated from top colleges and universities across the U.S., and that has contributed to our fast-growing population. These large tech companies (Dell, Apple, Amazon, Q2, Facebook, etc.) have their own wellness programs and incentives for healthy lifestyles. Their quest to provide better access to fitness options for their employees contributes to our healthy way of life.

Outdoor Fitness
Our unique geography features multiple ecological areas that provide a wide range of outdoor experiences for residents to enjoy. Within an hour's drive across the city, you can enjoy many different ecological systems. For example, greater Cedar Park boasts a large volume of beautiful parks featuring the hike and bike trail along with cedar trees and juniper trees. Farther south, toward the greenbelt, residents enjoy the river ecology for paddle boarding and kayaking. Out west, residents enjoy hiking, biking, and climbing in the Texas hill country.

Non-Traditional Sports
In addition to traditional sports, such as baseball, basketball, soccer, and football, our diverse population also provides access to “non-traditional sports,” such as lacrosse, cricket, rugby, ice hockey, running, disc golf, and ultimate frisbee for both youth and adult recreation. 

Plugging In
Your fitness options are almost endless, but we've created a list of different leagues, gyms, and recreational facilities in our area to help you get started your fitness journey. If you don't find what you're looking for on this list, try a search on Google or Facebook. Also, meet-ups are a great way to find like-minded individuals. Just go to Meetup.com and search for an activity that interests you. If you don't find what you want nearby, create a Meetup of your own. Enjoy!

Twin Lakes YMCA: (512) 250-9622, ymcagwc.org/locations/cedar-park

YMCA North Austin: (512) 973-9622, www.austinymca.org/branches/coa-north-austin-y 

Recreation Centers:
Brushy Creek Recreation Center: (512) 255-7871, https://www.bcmud.org

Cedar Park Recreation Center in Cedar Park: (512) 401-5516, www.cedarparktexas.gov/departments/parks-recreation/park-amenities-services-facilities/recreation-center

Sports Facilities:
Austin Sports Center in Cedar Park: (512) 433-5111, www.austinsportscenter.com/asc/facilities/cedar-park

The Crossover in Leander: (888) 377-2786, www.crossovertx.com

Youth Sports Leagues:
i9 Sports: (512) 910-8833, www.i9sports.com/ProgramDirector/348/Austin-Round-Rock-Cedar-Park-Leander

Neighborhood Sports: (512) 918-3524, www.neighborhoodsports.us

Cedar Park Youth League: (512) 331-8688, www.cpyl.org

Cedar Park Parks and Recreation: www.cpsports.us

Town and Country Sports: (512) 331-0438, www.tandcsports.org

Boutique Gyms:
OPEX Round Rock: (508) 330-2620, www.opexroundrock.com

Central Athlete: (512) 672-6760, www.centralathlete.com

The Exercise Coach: (512) 377-1430, www.exercisecoach.com/brushy-creek

Group Fitness/Indoor Cycling:
Orange Theory in Cedar Park: (512) 807-0402, cedar-park.orangetheoryfitness.com

F45 Training in Cedar Park: (512) 960-5597, f45training.com/cedarpark

Cyclebar in Cedar Park: (512) 359-7111, www.cyclebar.com/location/cedar-park

Bloc Cycle in Cedar Park: (512) 831-2218, bloccycle.omni-barre.com

Camp Gladiator: www.campgladiator.com

Tumble Tech in Cedar Park: (512) 717-5040, www.tumble-tech.com

Acrotex Gymnastics in Cedar Park: (512) 219-6459, www.acrotexcedarpark.com

Capital Gymnastics in Cedar Park: (512) 259-9995, www.capgym.com

Fun Cheer: (512) 388-3470, www.funcheer.com

Indoor Rock Climbing:
Main Event in North Austin: (512) 401-0000, www.mainevent.com/location/texas/austin/78750

Austin Rock Gym in North Austin: (512) 416-9299, www.austinrockgym.com

Austin Bouldering Project: (512) 645-4633, www.austinboulderingproject.com

Crux Climbing Gym: (512) 931-3911, www.cruxclimbingcenter.com

Lifetime Fitness in North Austin: (512) 219-0909, www.lifetime.life/life-time-locations/tx-austin-north

Club Pilates in Cedar Park: (512) 399-5212, www.clubpilates.com/location/cedarpark

barre3 in Cedar Park: barre3.com/studio-locations/cedar-park

Core Power Yoga in the Domain: (512) 599-8765, www.corepoweryoga.com/yoga-studios/texas/austin/domain

Pure Yoga Texas in Cedar Park: (888) 245-0726, www.pureyogatexas.com/locations/cedar-park

Pilates Island in Cedar Park: (512) 888-4496, www.pilatesisland.com

Pure Barre in Cedar Park: (512) 599-7979, www.purebarre.com/location/austin-cedar-park-tx

OmniBar in Cedar Park: (512) 202-9525, www.omni-barre.com

Powerlifting/Olympic Lifting/Strength and Conditioning:
Stonehenge Weightlifting in Cedar Park: (920) 896-2438, www.stonehengewl.com

Gym One near the Domain: (512) 243-6050, www.gym-one.com

BigTex Gym in Austin: 512) 775-7838, www.bigtexgym.com

Texas Barbell Club: www.texasbarbellclub.com

Project Serve Beach Volleyball near The Domain: (512) 293-0671, projectservevb.com

Austin Sports Center in Cedar Park: (512) 433-5111, www.austinsportscenter.com/asc/facilities/cedar-park

Nitro Swim in Cedar Park: (512) 259-7999, www.nitroswim.com/cedar-park-location

Waterloo Swimming in North Austin: (512) 401-3404, www.waterlooswimming.com

Traditional Gyms:
Gold’s Gym in Cedar Park: (512) 259-4653, www.goldsgym.com/cedarparktx

Anytime Fitness in Cedar Park: (512) 335-1200 (Lakeline) or (512) 436-9645 (Parmer)

Lifetime Fitness in North Austin: (512) 219-0909, www.lifetime.life/life-time-locations/tx-austin-north

24-hour Fitness in North Austin: (512) 249-6724, www.24hourfitness.com/gyms/austin-tx/lake-creek-sport

FlexFit: (512) 271-2767, www.flexfitonline.com

LA Fitness in Cedar Park: (512) 546-6263, www.lafitness.com

Outdoor Cycling
Bike Night at Circuit of the Americas: circuitoftheamericas.com/bike

Violet Crown: violetcrown.org