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Ryan Green

We LOVE Bakersfield! This city is a great place to grow, connect, and the possibilities here are endless. This city is known for its ability to turn neighbors into family, which is why this is such a connected community. We chose to move back to Bakersfield to be able to raise our family in an environment that values its people. For us, Bakersfield is the Heart of California, and its value is the kindness from making a new friend in the line at Smitten to get your coffee, going on a walk and chatting with a neighbor on their house project, or as large as the community coming together to support a local nonprofit and making a huge impact on our local community. We are the ninth largest city in California, but everyone seems to know everyone is part of the secret bond we have here. Now you get to be a part of that secret society too.

Welcome Home,

The Green Family

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