The Future of Print: Our High-Tech Facility is Now Open

Two BeLocal workers in the print facility

BeLocal has reached a new era of operations with the opening of a state-of-the-art print facility in Irving, Texas by our national franchisor The N2 Company.

When it comes to investing in the future and growth potential of BeLocal, we’re all in – and nothing underscores this more so than the impressive technologies you’ll find within our new home base for printing and shipping.

The facility includes two top-tier HP presses, making it one of the world’s most cutting-edge sites for print. This gives us the ability to achieve much greater quantity while maintaining the highest quality of print publications. With 100+ BeLocal magazines and an additional 600+ magazines across N2’s three other brands – and more magazine franchise locations launching every week – we’re now prepared to scale in alignment with the growth we’re experiencing.

What does all this mean for our readers? More! More of the outstanding content they love, delivered with an unwavering dedication to excellence. Between the line of BeLocal new mover guides, as well as N2’s Stroll, Greet, and Real Producers magazine brands, the company now prints a staggering 20 million pages each month. We believe in providing new movers (and just as important, our advertisers) with the best, and this new era of operations ensures they receive nothing less.

“Readers deserve the best medium for their stories, and local businesses deserve the best medium for their marketing. We made this investment and doubled down on the future of print for one reason … results.” -Duane Hixon, CEO of The N2 Company

With the introduction of two revolutionary HP PageWide Advantage A2200 machines, our production speed is now three times faster, yet maintains its exceptional quality. The investment of time and resources in bringing this cutting-edge facility to fruition is already paying off – and cementing N2 and BeLocal as industry trailblazers. Vahaaj Khan, Head of Commercial Sales, HP Americas PageWide Inkjet Web Presses, shares our enthusiasm:

“We are ecstatic that The N2 Company has chosen to invest in HP and our HP PageWide Advantage 2200 press to further transform the marketing industry. Their commitment to innovation and community aligns seamlessly with our vision for the future of print. Together, we will propel industry transformation forward and uplevel the printing capabilities of within today’s market.” -Vahaaj Khan, HP

This substantial undertaking underscores our unwavering belief in the future of print. After all, there are so many communities across the U.S. awaiting their very own BeLocal magazine. (Anyone interested in launching BeLocal in their community can learn more here.)

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to every single person who played a role in turning this transformative vision into a reality — our BeLocal publishers, team members, readers, and local advertisers especially.