The 4 Most Important Things To Do After a Move

moving box at a new house

We’re here to help from the start to the ultimate finish line: settling into your town.

About to move? Congratulations! And also, good luck. There’s nothing small in the feat of packing and picking up all of your belongings and livelihood and settling into a brand new place. If you’re in the throes of moving, no doubt there’s a checklist of things you need to do – whether it’s in your mind or you’ve written it down and color-coded and dated each task by priority. We’re here to help from start to the ultimate finish line: settling into your town. BeLocal is in the business of helping movers feel like they belong to a new community, and we’ve seen many newcomers become locals in no time. But before you get there, we have some tips on what to prioritize the moment you pull the moving van into the driveway. You’ve got this.

Ensure all the utilities are set up in your new home.

If you’re thinking this process should begin before you move, you’re right. We hope your HVAC is flowing freely when you open the door, your lights beam at the flip of a switch, the water is in abundance, and gas hookups are ready for you! And if you haven’t had a chance to set up WiFi, that might be something you want to look into pronto. Sometimes a snafu does happen, though, so check all these preliminary steps as soon as you cross your new threshold.

Check (and unpack) your boxes.

Whether you packed and loaded (and perspired and deadlifted) the boxes yourself or a moving company did all of this for you and has – hopefully gingerly – placed them in their respective rooms, go ahead and open and access your items with the same care. If something was damaged by the moving company, submit an insurance claim right away in order to be reimbursed. While you’re at it, go ahead and unpack the boxes for good. Like the law of inertia, once you’ve started unpacking, it makes it a lot easier to keep all of that progress moving in the right direction. Empty boxes are the goal.

Plan a fun first night in your home.

Moving – and all the baggage along for the haul, both physical and emotional – rarely makes it in anyone’s “remember that fun time when…?” story bank. In fact, a recent survey found that 64% of recent movers said the experience was the most stressful thing they’ve done – so stressful, it topped having a baby and divorce. But you’re here because you’re moving so let’s talk solutions to the stress. The days of moving prep are long, and the day-of move is full of heightened emotion. The first night in your new place, intentionally set out to create a positive, memorable experience whether it’s just you, or you and the family. Plates are still nestled in their boxes? Couch still on backorder? Even better. Grab takeout from a new place down the road, throw some pillow cushions on the floor, and watch Netflix from your phone. Beds aren’t assembled? Have a family sleepover in the living room, pillow forts and all. That’s sure to be a memory worth recalling years down the road. However full your moving days are, plan for a little fun and relaxation in between.

Find one connection to your new community.

Beyond your new front door lies a whole new community with which to get acquainted. It sounds both exciting and daunting. The first day you move, make a small goal to take one step toward settling in. Whether it’s checking out your new go-to grocery store, local pharmacy, or taking a stroll in the nearby park, get to know one small piece of your new town. If you’re one of the fortunate homebuyers where BeLocal is mailed free to new movers, this will be an easy task. Find your BeLocal online to flip through the digital pages, or wait until a beautifully printed version arrives in your mailbox! Find new favorites right at your fingertips. BeLocal guides cover top attractions, hidden gems, school listings, insider tips, and more – all from trusted locals.

Happy Moving and Welcome Home.