A Thank-You Note From BeLocal

Handwritten thank-you card in beautiful script

As we approach Thanksgiving, we wanted to not only thank each and every one of our readers and advertising partners for their support of our BeLocal magazines, but also for something they may not be aware of.

There’s a movement to end the “greatest injustice of our lifetime” – and those who support our BeLocal magazines are playing a vital role.

As part of the award-winning media franchisor The N2 Company, a portion of every dollar spent advertising with BeLocal contributes to N2’s impactful giving program, N2GIVES. Through our partnerships, local businesses (and the new movers who buy from them) are helping to free victims of modern-day slavery.

There’s an estimated 40.3 million people around the globe (the U.S. included) who are trapped in forced labor or sexual exploitation, so the issue is very real and very urgent.

Every year, The N2 Company channels a portion of our revenue to our giving program with the sole purpose of fighting human trafficking. Since its inception, N2GIVES has contributed more than $13 million to the fight. This has had a huge impact in the lives of those who are trapped in one of the most hopeless realities on earth.

Our revenue comes from our business partners. And they partner with us because new movers learn about their business through our free, comprehensive community guides. So thank you – each and every one of you – for giving a voice back to those who have had theirs taken from them. To learn more, visit n2gives.com. Your support and partnership is more appreciated and impactful than you could ever imagine.

From the entire BeLocal team, we wish you and yours a happy and healthy Thanksgiving!