Meet the Young Family

From Hurley to Ohio

It can be hard moving from one place to another, leaving behind family, close friends, and starting somewhere new. Not knowing what to expect, in June of 2019, the Young family moved from Hurley, MS, a small town in the South near the Mississippi Gulf Coast, to Ostrander, Ohio, in Union County. 

Cheryl worked for Worthington Industries in Theodore, AL, when she was given the opportunity for a better job at the Columbus, Ohio, plant. Russ, her husband, grew up in Akron, so he would be moving back to a state he was very familiar with. For Emersen (13) and Brennen (7), their children, this was a new experience. 

Shortly after the move, the family discovered the new activities that Union County has to offer. Brennen started Football Fanatics and Trail Life, Emersen started piano lessons at Red School of Music, and Russ joined Neighbor to Neighbor, along with becoming a Trail Life leader. 

Trail Life is a great organization for Brennen because it is a teaching organization for young boys like Brennen to become good fathers, good men, and good leaders. Russ has enjoyed the opportunity as a group leader for Trail Life and to be able to spend quality time with Brennen. 

In volunteering with Union County Neighbor to Neighbor, Russ was able to give back to the community by helping those who need it with various day-to-day needs such as transportation, household and outside projects, or just a social visit. 

At Red School of Music in Marysville, Emersen continued her hobby, playing the piano. Emersen greatly appreciates her instructor Paul who continually challenges her and has helped further develop her technical skills. 

The Young family was immediately welcomed and fit right in at Living Hope Church, their new church located in Marysville. Through the various activities and church events they were invited to, they quickly made new friends. These connections and being part of a great church like Living Hope has been really comforting for the family, especially after leaving their previous church family in Hurley.

At first, while making the move, they searched for activities and fun places to go in their free time. In the area close to them, they found many fun spots such as Scene 75, Dave and Busters, Top Golf, Urban Air, and Black Wing Shooting Centre. They also found many restaurants such as Tubby's Pizza, Culver's, Eda's Italian Ice, The Half Pint, and Fiesta Grande. Whenever they heard the call of the great outdoors, they found many parks; favorites include Glacier Ridge Metro Park and RV parks. There was never any searching for outdoor and indoor activities for all ages of the family. Even their moody 13-year-old daughter Emersen had a good time on their trips. 

If you’re hesitant about moving to a new community and worry that you won’t fit in or feel at home, the Youngs encourage you to step out and explore all of the great places, people, and activities available in your new county – it will soon feel like home. Welcome to Union County!