Marysville Golf Champion Carly Truitt

Former Marysville golf champion Carly Truitt is a local we can certainly be proud of! In high school Carly was a member of the MHS golf team, where she would win two individual high school state titles and was ranked in the top 30 nationally. “Golf has been a big part of my life since I was a little girl. My dad and granddad both played golf in college, so I’ve had a club in my hand since I could walk. I always joke that it was walking and then golfing for me,” Carly shares.

Carly graduated from Marysville High School in 2005 and accepted a scholarship to play golf for the University of Virginia, which would be ranked top 10 in the country during her time there. “I am really fortunate that golf has taken me to many great places and allowed me to meet some fantastic people. I have had the opportunity travel the country playing some of the most beautiful courses, and golf even took me as far as Japan for a college tournament.”

Golf has also taught me plenty of life lessons including but not limited to:  

  • Hard Work and Delayed Gratification: Anything worthwhile that I have accomplished has required a lot of hard work and sacrificing some short-term pleasures and comforts for long-term gain.
  • Growth Mindset: Anyone who has played golf knows you fail A LOT! But I have learned and grown the most through my failures and mistakes, both in golf and life. If you are not periodically failing, you are not pushing yourself to a point that you can realize you’re potential.
  • The Journey Is More Important Than the Destination: As an athlete it is easy to get caught up in chasing a dream, accolades, championships, etc. But these things are not what are most important or most rewarding. Enjoy the process without letting your worth get wrapped up in the results. The person you become through the process is FAR more important than the accolades you acquire
  • You Can’t Do It Alone: I had so much support and help throughout my golf career. My parents, my coaches, my teammates, my sports psychologist, my PT, my strength coaches, my teachers, my friends, family, and community. It’s easy to be too prideful to ask for help, but without it no one goes far. And it is a lot more fun to chase something as a team than chasing it alone.

Where Is She Now?
After completing a masters degree in Exercise Physiology, Carly moved to Dallas, Texas for six years to work in her field. Two years ago, Carly moved back to Marysville to open a sports and fitness facility called Better Than Yesterday (BTY) with her brother Kevin Truitt. “The town has grown and changed so much, and yet still has the small-town charm that I remember. It has been fun reconnecting with people I have known for years and meeting new people moving into Marysville,” said Carly. “It has been a rewarding full-circle experience for us to help develop the young up-and-coming athletes who are currently walking the path we have been before.”