Leading Ladies NKY

Making New Friends After A Move

Whether you’ve moved across town or across the country, we want to take this opportunity to welcome you.

As women, we understand the value of relationships, and as new movers, we understand that much of your time may be filled with getting your family comfortable with a new environment at the same time that you’re making connections and getting acclimated with work. That’s why we want to make sure you take time for you.

Leading Ladies NKY was created to celebrate and inspire women in Northern Kentucky, and the exceptional work they are doing on the job, in schools, nonprofits, churches, and homes.

Each month we spotlight inspirational women and showcase nonprofits in our community in hopes that their stories will open doors to new relationships and opportunities to give back through serving.  

We believe connecting through events is key into building personal and professional relationships. We offer a variety of opportunities to bring women together.

Leading Ladies NKY Networking is one hour of power speed networking. This is a fun, fast, free and effective group that meets each month. The hour consists of 10 minutes allotted to discussing upcoming events and business-related topics and 45 minutes to speed networking.  

Ladies, Let’s Do Lunch gives local women the chance to make new connections both personally and professionally, gain knowledge on topics that are important to women of all ages and become aware of nonprofit serving opportunities in the community. This event is held five to seven times a year at various restaurants and event facilities throughout Northern Kentucky.  

Neighbors' Night Out is a fun way to bring the community together at the end of a day introducing residents to new friends and to our amazing local business owners.   

If you would like to learn more about our upcoming events and how we can help you get connected in the community, visit our website, www.leadingladiesnky.com, and join our Facebook group. You can also contact Michelle Lorms at 859-462-7760, or email info@leadingladiesnky.com.