Stagecoaches & Sunbury

Sunbury Town Hall

Sunbury Town Hall

From its beginning in 1816, Sunbury was destined to be a stagecoach town. Anticipating large numbers of stagecoach travelers in Sunbury, the town’s founder, Lawrence Myers, built an inn at the intersection of two major stagecoach routes (the Old Walhonding Trail and the Delaware Newark Pike). 

In 1820, the first stagecoach arrived in Sunbury from Mt. Vernon. 

Famous Stagecoach Travelers

Famous stagecoach travelers who stopped in Sunbury included:
  • Johnny Appleseed
  • Henry Clay
  • William Henry Harrison
  • Rutherford B. Hayes
The Last Stagecoach
Railway travel became more prevalent, and consequently, the last stagecoach rolled out of Sunbury in 1873.

Village of Sunbury

Sunbury is a small town similar to so many of Ohio's small towns. At the heart of the historic downtown is the central square that is the symbolic center of the growing town. Here sits the three-story historic town hall. Thanks to its proximity to Delaware and Columbus, Sunbury has become what some call a bedroom community.

Sunbury Town Hall

According to the historic marker on the village green, the Sunbury Town Hall was built in 1868. It has served as the village's Town Hall, jail, fire station, community library, bank and Mason's lodge. Today the Town Hall has been renovated for use as a community room and houses village offices.

The village green is also home to numerous events throughout the year including the regular farmers market during the summer.

Ohio Fallen Heroes Memorial

Sunbury has risen to the forefront to honor Ohio's military who've been lost since September 11, 2001, when the ground was broken for this memorial in 2005. This emotional memorial is a solemn reminder of the high cost Ohio's citizens have paid in the fight against terrorism.

The site consists of marble crosses and the Star of David, with each marker bearing the name of an Ohio service member killed in the War on Terror since 9/11. The site also includes a chapel, a courtyard with military flags and sculptures.

The memorial site was chosen because of its easy access location and its proximity to the geographic center of the state. It was and is being built by citizens who donate their time, talent and treasure. The land was donated by the Village of Sunbury.

Ohio Fallen Heroes Memorial
79 1/2 West Cherry St., Sunbury