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South Side Public Square

South Side Public Square

Galena sits at the confluence of the Little and Big Walnut Creeks, the headwaters of Hoover Reservoir, just north of Columbus, Ohio. Established in 1809 as a milling center, the Village is best known for the Galena Shale Tile and Brick Company, which operated from the 1890s until 1983. Galena’s historic New England-style downtown still boasts structures built in the 1820s and bustles with restaurant and pub activity today. 

History buffs are intrigued by the story behind Galena’s origin, the businesses and industries that have been here, the people who spent their lives here, and the changes the town has undergone throughout time. For example, a search through the Galena Cemetery reveals graves of people who were living at the time of the American Revolution. Interpretive signage along the paved trails tell about aspects of life from yesteryear that were once central to earlier generations who lived here. Careful observers in the old downtown area can find remnants of the original road network that was here before Hoover Reservoir was built, as well as buildings that are either listed on, or potentially eligible for, the National Register of Historic Places.    

A popular destination for visitors is the Galena Historic Foundation museum, located at 109 Harrison St., which contains locally significant artifacts, photographs, maps, documents and exhibits.

As the community continues to attract more residents, the Galena Historic Foundation has a mission “to keep the history of Galena Ohio alive.” It does this through an active Facebook page with historic photographs and lively discussions of Galena’s past. The Galena Historic Foundation is listed on the Delaware County Historical Society website Historic Resources page.

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