Memorial Stadium Highlight

Memorial Stadium, home of the Nebraska Cornhuskers football team, becomes the third-largest city in Nebraska when filled with loyal Husker fans and visitors. With a reputation as one of the most intimidating locations to play, the stadium seats 91,000 but burst that number during the September 20, 2014 Miami (Florida) at Nebraska game, which drew 91,585 fans as Nebraska scored 41 to Miami’s 31 points. 

The Sea of Red is a well-known nickname for diehard Nebraska fans as they fill the stadium wearing predominantly red. It is a sight to behold as devoted supporters line the way for the players as they approach the stadium during their unity walk. 

In the fall of 1922, a drive for $430,000 in stadium construction funds was undertaken by faculty, students, alumni, and friends of the University of Nebraska. Within 90 working days, Memorial Stadium was built with 31,000 seats. Dedicated on October 20, 1923, the stadium was named in honor of all Nebraskans who served in the Civil War, Spanish-American War and World Wars I and II. 

Today, Memorial Stadium is also home to the Osborne Athletic Complex. This cutting-edge facility houses the coaches' offices and player locker room. Additionally, the Charles and Romona Myers Performance Center is at home in the stadium, providing all of the over 600 UNL student-athletes the tools to maximize their performance.

As one of the most high-tech stadiums in the country, Memorial Stadium was the first on-campus stadium to feature big-screen instant-replay boards. After several upgrades, the stadium is now fitted with a massive replay screen atop the North Stadium. The HuskerVision screen is over 117 feet high by over 33 feet wide. 

Although the experience of being inside the stadium is phenomenal, the exterior of the stadium is a stunning structure to witness. It is a statement of strength, grit, and determination, and serves the culture of Nebraska football well. 

The four exterior corners of the stadium bear inscriptions offered by a former UNL professor of philosophy, Hartley Burr Alexander: 

Southeast: "In Commemoration of the men of Nebraska who served and fell in the Nations Wars."

Southwest: "Not the victory but the action; Not the goal but the game; In the deed the glory."

Northwest: "Courage; Generosity; Fairness; Honor; In these are the true awards of manly sport."

Northeast: "Their Lives they held their country's trust; They kept its faith; They died its heroes."