Drink Local


White Elm Brewing Company
720 Van Dorn St.; (402) 261-6078; whiteelmbrewing.com
White Elm Brewing Company has become one of Lincoln’s most well-known breweries, with an emphasis on classic brewing methods in small batches in order to create American and Belgian ales. Their menu is constantly changing and features lots of unique, handcrafted ales to sample and enjoy. White Elm opens its doors for lots of local pop-ups where Lincoln chefs can set up in their venue to serve featured food items along with cold beer. The brewery is also dog-friendly, which makes it rise to the top for many locals! The atmosphere at White Elm is open, laid back and very welcoming to all.

Code Beer
200 S. Antelope Valley Pkwy.; (402) 318-5888; codebeer.co
Code Beer is an excellent brewery just off of Antelope Valley Parkway and North Street. They also have a continuously changing beer menu and feature lots of seasonal brews. Code Beer hosts many local events and pop-up food stands where guests can try small-scale local restaurants’ featured favorites while enjoying a cold, housemade beer. The environment within the brewery is laid back, upbeat and welcoming to all.

Kin Kaider Brewing Company
1379, 201 N. Seventh St. #108; (402) 480-6488; kinkaider.com
Kin Kaider Brewing Company brews all of their beer with 100% Nebraska Sandhill water, which catches the attention of any Nebraskan! Their taproom is located in the Railyard of downtown Lincoln, serving up small-batch beers crafted with purpose and care. If guests are interested in the process behind Kin Kaider’s brewing process, they are welcome to schedule a tour via their website! They host many events including featured local artists, singers and songwriters, and sports parties. Stop in for a unique and memorable experience in a cozy environment and amazing, handcrafted beer.

Empyrean Brewing Company
729 Q St.; (402) 434-5960; empyreanbrewingco.com
Empyrean has been perfecting its brewing process since 1990 and is dedicated to quality beer made in small batches or “microbrews” unique to their company. The brewing company started small, as a part of Lazlo’s Grill, and has flourished into one of Lincoln’s most famous breweries. In 2000 they opened a second location and are continuing to expand both their stores and beer menu.

2100 Magnum Cir. #1; (402) 475-1001; ziplinebrewing.com
As a large community supporter, Zipline has a huge impact on lots of local events around the city. In addition, they have a welcoming taproom where you can sit and talk to the knowledgeable brewers about the beers on tap and future brewing projects. They offer private tours of their cellar where the magic happens and offer six-packs of their signature products to take home and enjoy.

Boiler Brewing Company
129 N. 10th St. #8; (402) 261-8775; boilerbrewingcompany.com
The Boiler Brewing Company has been a part of the Lincoln community since 2015 – however, they’ve been perfecting their craft for much longer. Their beers are flavorful and bold, and they’ve got their brewing process down to a science. The Boiler Brewing Company hosts lots of local music events, tours of their taproom, and has a bar space and other comfy seating where guests can enjoy their cold, handcrafted beer.

Backswing Brewing Company
500 W. South St. #8; (402) 413-5576; backswingbrewing.com
Backswing Brewing Company is a quaint little shop with 16 custom, handcrafted beers on tap. They host several local events and have a schedule of their incoming line-up on their website. Stop by during happy hour or book a private event for a celebration with friends and family at this unique taproom and lounge.

Cosmic Eye Brewing
6800 P St. #300; (531) 500-2739; cosmiceye.beer
The owner of Cosmic Eye Brewing has over 10 years of experience perfecting his brewing skills and opened the shop in 2014. Their space is unique with long, community-style dining tables where guests can enjoy a drink among friends and family. They even have a “Kids' Room” for the entire family to enjoy! Their menu often changes, and it’s always fun to stop in and see what’s on tap each week.


The Cellar
201 N. Eighth St. #201, Lincoln, NE; (402) 475-6118; theoven-lincoln.com
The Cellar, located on the lower level of The Oven, is a very special part of our local Haymarket. They have a full-service bar with cocktails and top-shelf liquors but are best known for their extensive, 1,800-bottle wine collection for which they have won multiple awards. The proprietors of The Cellar are extremely knowledgeable about the wines they have acquired from all over the world and can help you find the exact flavor compilation you are looking for. Their venue is relaxed with dim lights and comfortable seating.

Glacial Till Vineyard and Winery
344 S. Second Rd., Palmyra, NE; (402) 610-3068; glacialtillvineyard.com
Glacial Till Vineyard and Winery is a short drive from Lincoln, and the special experience you’ll have there is completely worth it. Whether you’re visiting for a private event or attending one of their Friday night music and food truck bashes, you’ll be pleased with the beverage selection they offer. The vineyard is situated in the beautiful Nebraska countryside just a few miles outside of Lincoln. It’s the perfect place to book your next private event, wedding party or farm tour.

James Arthur Vineyard
2001 W. Raymond Rd., Raymond, NE; (402) 783-5255; jamesarthurvineyards.com
James Arthur Vineyard has been serving all of Nebraska with its magnificent wine since 1997. The grape growers tend to over 20 acres of land and put hard work and care into each bottle of wine they cork. They offer tours, Saturday night live music and a shop where guests can purchase their favorite wine to take home and enjoy. The short drive from Lincoln to Raymond to visit James Arthur Vineyard is absolutely worth the amazing experience!

Capitol View Winery
2361 Wittstruck Rd., Roca, NE; (402) 328-3494; capitolviewwinery.com
Capitol View Winery was officially established in 2017; however, the growing process began back in 2004. They release new and unique wines every few weeks, which can be seen ahead of time on their website. All in all, Capitol View Winery is a beautiful destination to rent out for corporate or personal events. 

Deer Springs Winery
16255 Adams St., Lincoln, NE; (402) 327-8738; deerspringswinery.com
Deer Springs Winery is located on a beautiful patch of land featuring a rustic wine tasting room in what was once an 1867 farmhouse. This family-run vineyard has been dedicated to creating unique experiences for its customers since 2007. Deer Springs Winery hosts local events including pop-up food trucks and musical performances on their beautiful outdoor Gazebo. Additionally, they have a unique wine club and encourage any and all wine connoisseurs to join!

Junto Wine
1356 182nd, Seward, NE; (402) 646-0515; juntowine.com
Located between Lincoln and Seward, the rolling Garland Hills provide a beautiful backdrop to enjoy stunning views and craft beverages at Junto Wine. In addition to Junto’s wine options, they also serve charcuterie trays of various meats, cheeses, pretzels, and dips. Junto offers wine tastings, winery tours, a cost-free hiking trail, and private event rental at their facilities. You can also purchase their wines by the bottle.

Bin 105
105 N. Eighth St. #100, Lincoln, NE; (402) 261-4868; bin105.com
Bin 105 has been proudly serving Lincoln since 2010 with its small-batch, locally made wine selection. Located in the Haymarket, Bin 105 is home to some of the most unique wines you’ll ever have the pleasure of tasting. They host monthly wine tasting events, and their doors are open Tuesday-Sunday. Bin 105’s dedication to providing customers with a one-of-a-kind experience and excellent service has lent greatly to their popularity within the Lincoln community.

Rich Harvest Vineyard and Winery
3010 G Rd., Syracuse, NE; (402) 828-0708; richharvestwine.com
Rich Harvest Vineyard and Winery is a locally run vineyard and tasting room. Guests can explore their top-shelf wine selection at their local events, public tastings or through a private setting. The owners are knowledgeable about the growing process and happy to talk with you about their selection. No matter what brings you to Rich Harvest Vineyard and Winery, you will have a pleasant and professional drinking experience among friends, family and genuine staff.

Saro Cider
1746 N St., Lincoln, NE; (531) 500-3966; sarocider.com
While they are not a winery or a brewery, Saro Cider deserves a mention here. Using fermented apple juice, Saro Cider’s owners are able to produce a variety of alcoholic beverages boasting of unique flavors and aromatic qualities inspired by their travels around the world. Saro Cider’s facility has a relaxing ambiance and is perfectly suited for a casual night out with friends. A popular item on their menu is the cider flight, which enables you to try several unique cider flavors at a time! In addition to their bar facility, Saro Cider also bottles and distributes their ciders to enjoy in the comfort of your home.