If You Build It, They Will Come!

Haute Spot Breaks Ground on Multimillion-Dollar Renovation

Why Haute Spot is Investing and Upgrading During COVID

While some organizations are cashing out on live events, we’re doubling down. Curious what we mean by that? People might think we’re crazy for investing in our venue space when we’re living through an era of social distancing, but at Haute Companies, that’s what we do — the unexpected. 

Sure, it may be a while before we can open our doors to large events again, but we believe faith is a powerful thing, and community even more so. With that in mind, we’re betting that now is actually the perfect time to nurture concert venues, gathering spaces, and other physical locations. We’re breaking ground on our multi-million dollar renovation, and we’ll be excited to see you again in the spring!

Quarantine, if anything, has given us the gift of time. And while we’ve never neglected our venue space Haute Spot, having it idle for a while has given us the opportunity to give it some extra TLC. Why? Because we believe experiences should tantalize all the senses in a way that makes them memorable for years to come.

Haute Spot may be billed as a space for concerts and weddings, board meetings, and bat mitzvahs, but we like to think of it as a vehicle for bringing people together and the catalyst for unforgettable moments. And to make that happen, we designed Haute Spot to feel like a friend’s backyard — authentic, comfortable, a place that is inviting and unique. Haute Spot may have a 2,000-person capacity, but its welcoming charm makes it feel quaint.

And it isn’t just about what people see when they enter a space, it’s how we evoke feelings through sound, light, and more. That’s why we’re upgrading our technology to immerse every attendee in a remarkable experience, and to make the artists who take our stages feel at home. People know that when they play or attend an event at Haute Spot, it’s going to be the best — because we do our due diligence to make it the best. Even if live streams or virtual watch parties become more mainstream, we want to anchor the main event with the best equipment possible.