Stocking Your Kitchen

Photo by PHOCO

Photo by PHOCO

We have a wide variety of grocery-shopping options to meet every family’s needs. Whether searching for organic products, specialty items, on the hunt for a local favorite, or looking for fresh produce, there is something for everyone!

The Cupboard 
Family-owned since 1972, The Cupboard is now one of the largest independent kitchen and home stores in the nation, right here in Fort Collins. They have everything you need for cooking and entertaining. Quality cutlery, specialty food, home décor, kitchen tools, local products, and much more! Remember, shop local, support local! 
152 S. College Ave. 
(970) 493-8585


Lucky’s Meat Market 
425 S. College Ave. 
(970) 482-0388

Natural Grocers 
4318 S. College Ave. 
(970) 266-9919

4345 Corbett Dr.
(970) 416-3350

Trader Joe's 
3500 S. College Ave. 
(970) 223-3560

Whole Foods 
2201 S. College Ave. 
(970) 267-9200


Choice City Butcher 
104 W. Olive St. 
(970) 490-2489

Friendly Nicks Butcher 
2601 S. Lemay Ave. 
(970) 657-2466

Pumpkin Creek Ranch 
(970) 568-2164


Fort Collins Pickle Company 
(970) 215-9461

Hazel Dell Mushrooms 
3925 E. CR 32 
(970) 226-0978

Morning Fresh Dairy Farm 
5821 W. CR 54E, Bellevue 
(970) 482-5789

Stubborn Roots Farm 
2710 SE Frontage Rd. 
(970) 301-3619

Running May-October 

Colorado Feed and Grain 

Fort Collins Farmers' Market 

Larimer County Farmers' Market 

NoCo Virtual Farmers' Market