But First Coffee Or Tea


18 Grams Coffee & Tea
Another great shop with all of the coffeehouse vibes! Their convenient location next to Highway 99 makes it easy to make a quick stop here on your way in and out of town. You can’t go wrong with any of the drinks on their menu, whether you need something strong (“18 to the Brain” – an iced quad shot!) or if you’re feeling sweet (“The Graham” with honey, cinnamon, and vanilla hits the spot). My personal favorite is the “1987” – thoughtfully named after the year that the owner was born. It’s the perfect combination of sweet, bitter, and creamy. Don’t skip on their baked goods either, such as their ube leche flan cake, or their banana jackfruit muffins. You can also check out their second location in the Arden area.

Rescate Coffee
This family-owned business offers an ever-changing specialty and seasonal drink menu, so I’m always excited to see what new creations they have up their sleeves. Their Horchata latte is my go-to, but don’t skip out on other great drinks like the monkey mocha, or the seasonal gingerbread latte. On top of their delicious drinks, Rescate Coffee holds events to benefit programs in our community, as well as raises funds to give back to local animal shelters. And yes, you can bring your pups here!

Savvy House Coffee Bar
Located in the center of Elk Grove, this is the perfect spot to grab a drink and meet with a friend, or sit down and get some work done. You can catch the owner, Elk Grove native Jamaar, behind the scenes mixing a batch of their housemade lavender syrup, or hosting one of their many popups, featuring other small business owners or sessions of their Grassroots Empowerment Coalition. Whether you are coming in to hang out, or ordering to-go, you can try their locally roasted coffee sourced from Mast Coffee Company, or my personal favorite, their white chocolate raspberry mocha! If you’re not in the mood for caffeine, try out one of their iced or blended lemonades – I highly recommend the passionfruit.

Vinhouse Tea & Coffee
I’ve been a regular since day one, when Vinhouse opened in 2019. Their hybrid menu of coffee drinks and milk teas makes this a great spot for both adults and teens. This is one of the few places you can get a Vietnamese coffee in town, and they even offer a few other variations of the traditional style. The jasmine macchiato tea is my favorite, but in the summertime, their strawberry green tea and guava passionfruit tea are the most refreshing.
Boba Tea

The Big Boba Theory
With colorfully themed wall murals and specialty drinks named after popular movies and TV shows, this place couldn’t be any more fun! The quality of milk tea and boba here is always carefully thought out by their owner Joseph, who is always ready to come up with the next drink idea. The Horchata Matata, a fun play on the best Lion King song, is my go-to, but you can always mix and match flavors and toppings to make your own creation. Even if boba isn’t your thing, they have other slushes and smoothies to enjoy, like my favorite: the Strangeberry Things, a combination of strawberry and blueberry! Their location makes it a perfect after-school hangout spot for nearby students.

Moo Moo
Moo Moo is another family-owned business with a creative mind behind the menu. They are another hybrid coffee and milk tea shop, offering you drinks from an iced mint mojito coffee, to a honeydew milk tea, and everything in between! Their fruit teas and smoothies always come with sweet ripened fruit, which is my favorite part of the Red Moon drink: raspberry jasmine tea with fresh strawberries and boba. And how can you resist that cute little logo?!

Rose Tea Lounge
The newest boba shop to Elk Grove made a grand entrance to the scene, with lines stretching around the building already on their soft opening weekend. The extensive menu gives you plenty of reasons to come back and try them all! The crème brulee boba latte will definitely have you coming back wanting more, thanks to the caramelized black sugar boba and torched crème brulee topping. The photogenic wall décor and lounge vibe here is sure to be a hit.