Native Florida Plants

Being a Florida Native, I can truly say that summer is always a welcome sign here in sunny Florida, it gives us longer days and more time to enjoy our lakes, beaches, and create beautiful carefree native gardens. There are many unique and amazing native wildflowers, plants, shrubs, and trees here in Central Florida to choose from! Not only are they easy to care for but ready (and able) to stand up to Florida’s heat. So, the following are a few simple suggestions to get started!

 When designing your garden remember that if you want year-round color you must plant in layers to see the continuous bloom; and that some of our native perennials are short lived. 
Decide if you want to have your garden host only flowers, plants, shrubs, and trees Native to your central Florida area, native to Florida and the Southeast or perhaps you may want to have only native Palms. 

You should never use pesticides, especially if you are inviting pollinators and butterflies to your garden, there are far too many natural options to choose from today for pest control. You can now even order Predator Bugs online for garden control. 

Remember to plant plenty of nectar plants for Hummingbirds, they do not eat berries and seed like other birds. In my personal yard I have several “Hummer Spots” due to Hummingbirds being so territorial. 

And lastly please think of the bees, buy not mowing down or spraying the Dandelion, Fleabane, Spiderwort, and Wild Chamomile that bloom early before spring is fully upon us. The bees are our pollinators and need those wildflowers! 
With these tips in mind I would also encourage you to visit the FNPS online website to learn and see all the beautiful choices.  

Florida Native Plant Society (FNPS)
Once your ready to purchase I would suggest going to Green Isle Gardens, they have a great assortment of Florida Natives!
Green Isle Gardens