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When it comes to advice you can trust, who better to hear from than long-time community residents? With BeLocal, there’s no need to wonder where longtime residents go for fun, food, shopping, activities, and more.

Take a peek inside the latest issue for words of wisdom and smart suggestions from true locals.

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Sabrina Medyanikov

Sabrina has over 10 years of experience in marketing and advertising. She is passionate about helping local businesses reach their ideal clients. Having experienced relocating several times, Sabrina found how difficult it can be for new movers to discover local favorites quickly. She decided to bring BeLocal to Temple & Belton's new movers because she knows it will be a great value and resource to them. Having met with a number of local businesses in Temple & Belton, they also agreed that reaching new movers quickly to let them know about their services and products, was important. Many businesses have found BeLocal to be a great way to not only reach new movers quickly, but also in a way that is highly relevant and will have a long shelf life. This in turn allows their brand name to be seen multiple times by the same family. Sabrina is also able to consult local businesses on their digital needs like website, SEO, targeted online ads and more! Give her a call today at 503-580-3343

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