Hailey Bell Creations

By Hailey Bell Davis

Nothing captures the essence of Riverside more than the Raincross symbol. It adorns the flag and is almost as old as the city itself. You can find it throughout the city’s architecture, street signs and lighting standards. Now, thanks to 14-year-old Riverside entrepreneur Hailey Bell Davis, owner of Hailey Bell Creations (pun ironically not intended), you can find it on a variety of stickers and keychains at various retailers throughout Riverside.
For Hailey, the line of Raincross’ is more than just a way to make a buck. It is a way to build relationships with the community and meet new people. Hailey’s ultimate goal is to attend California Baptist University (CBU) with funding from her products. The business is rooted in her goal to attend CBU.
Hailey began her journey after a conversation with her father about CBU and what it would cost. She devised a plan to pay for it herself as a way to be more independent. “I drew a digital Raincross that we laser cut out of wood. From there, I began selling the digital file on Etsy for others to use. Soon, I found several stores in Riverside selling merchandise with my Raincross on it, which inspired me to make my own products, stickers and keychains,” Hailey explained.
Hailey Bell Creations started with savings from her birthday and chore money. She has a business license, business account, obtains and manages her own vendors, develops new designs (currently at 20 different designs) and even files her own taxes. You can find her products at several locally owned businesses such as Made, Gless Ranch, Vixen & Beard (Tyler Mall) and more. Hailey has relied heavily on social media as a resource for growing her business. (Instagram @haileybellcreations)
Although Hailey is only 14 years old, she is diligently working towards her goals at a steadfast pace. As of March of 2023, she will only have seven remaining classes before earning a high school diploma from Liberty University Online Academy, an online Christian K-12 school that allows students to work at their own rate. She maintains a 4.57 GPA and is also concurrently enrolled at Riverside City College (RCC), where she is already one-third of the way through to earning her associate degree in business administration, with a 4.0 GPA.
Hailey was recently recognized by the city of Riverside as a Top 25 Remarkable Teen for her community contributions and school achievements. She plans to obtain a bachelor’s degree from CBU in business and afterward work for the city of Riverside. She loves her hometown and wants to make a difference in it, like her mother. “My mom works for the city of Riverside Housing Authority, implementing the development of affordable housing,” she explained. “It is a very rewarding job.”
When Hailey isn’t running her business or working on her high school and college classes, she enjoys going to the Tyler mall with friends, go-carting or playing the ukulele. Hailey is also very active in kung fu and has earned a second-degree junior black belt at Dave Hopkins Kung Fu San Soo, where she not only trains four nights a week but also assists in her younger sister’s class two nights a week.
Hailey has a passion for giving back to the community and is currently researching ways to tie her business to fundraisers for local schools and charities. Hailey spoke of wanting to give back to the community that has supported her and her journey. When she has finally achieved her mission of graduating from CBU, she is considering passing her business down to her younger sister so she, too, can experience this amazing journey. Before she knows it, Hailey will be in that CBU robe walking across the graduation stage.
Now that — like the Raincross — captures the essence of Riverside.