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Brad and Prevatte with their beagles, Copper & Huckleberry

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Jacksonville Landing is located between the bridges downtown. Here you can find three boat ramps, two docks, a kayak and canoe launch, a boardwalk, public restrooms and green space. The launch was officially opened on November 20, 2014. It was built by the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission and is the largest public water access in eastern North Carolina.
About the Artist, Brad Prevatte, Owner of Studio 910 Production & Fresh Salt Surf Photography
I am from right here in Jacksonville, NC. Both of my parents were born and raised here and settled down here. My wife, Samantha, and her family are also local to the area. 
My wife and I have been together since high school. We were always asked when we were getting married and 14 years later, we finally did. Now we're always asked about when we are having kids and we keep saying "Maybe next year". We are happy with our two little hounds. We have two beagles, Copper and Huckleberry. Outside of work, I enjoy spending my time outdoors. I always say that I have too many hobbies and not enough time for them all - surfing, hunting, fishing, snowboarding, hiking in the mountains, and of course photography. 
Before I got into photography, I never cared for it. I would borrow a camera from my aunt if there were good waves, to take photos of my friends surfing. Other than that, and a GoPro, I was never into photography. In 2017, Samantha opened a small studio space to offer acting classes and was doing a little portrait work for family and friends. One day, she got a call from a realtor asking if she did real estate photography and she decided to give it a try. She enjoyed it and picked up more real estate shoots.
From there, we decided to dive into real estate photography and began to invest in other technologies to help realtors market their listings. I was helping her in the evenings after I got off work and on weekends. Once I felt like she was busy enough for me to leave my job and help her full-time, I did. Over time, I learned a lot from Samantha, reading, and YouTube. Once it all made sense, I became obsessed with it. I take a camera just about everywhere now. I love shooting real estate, landscapes, wildlife, and surfing. 
At Studio 910, we offer just about anything a realtor could think of to market a property - photography, virtual staging, aerial images, walk-through videos, Matterport, and measurements and floor plans. With virtual staging, we can photograph an empty room, and photoshop furniture into the photos as if the property was staged. Matterport is a 3D virtual model of the property that enables potential buyers the ability to virtually tour the property online. They can walk through the property as if they are there. This is great for buyers who may be purchasing a home without seeing it first. 

I went to school for architectural drafting and used to draw floor plans for a previous job. A couple of years into shooting real estate, we started offering measurements and basic floor plans to realtors. I sketch out the layout and measure all the rooms by hand, then draw it again on the computer and add the room measurements and square footage. To contact us, you can send an email to studio910productions@gmail.com or text/call 910-915-5968. We can also be found on Instagram and Facebook with links to send us a booking request.
Over the years of shooting real estate, I hear all the time that there isn't much here to do when you compare it to bigger cities. For me, I can always find something to do. I'm not big on being indoors a lot. Being in Jacksonville, I have beaches within 30 minutes in either direction, plenty of game lands and parks within a short drive where we like to walk the dogs, and the drive to the mountains isn't too terrible. I like that I can find a little quiet outside of Jacksonville, without having to go far.