You've Arrived. Now What?

By now, you know why moving, across town, state or country, ranks as one of the most stressful times in a life. The packing, loading and travel is now behind you, but you now must turn chaos into order. Unopened boxes have been placed in rooms, basic furniture is in place, and while you mutter you will never ever move again, you feel overwhelmed. Here are a few suggestions for lessening the stress level and speeding the house-to-home transformation.

Although you’ve probably established your utilities, internet services often have to wait until you’ve moved in. Since services vary by region, choosing one a no-contract commitment gives you time to research for a final decision. As a safety measure, locate the fuse box, water and gas cut-off valves. Make sure you know when trash and recycling pickup days are and what is accepted for recycling in your new area.

Know Your Neighborhood. 
A great way to get info on your new community is social media. Most neighborhoods, HOA’s and communities have websites or online networking groups. Facebook and are two good options. Not only can you “meet” people in your area, but this is a good source of localized recommendations you will need in the upcoming weeks. Start a contact list with not only emergency numbers but also nearby charity groups that pick up donations, used furniture stores and thrift stores for either purchasing or selling, and a handyman service that can handle everything from assembling furniture and making repairs to installing lightbulbs in high ceilings.

Be Prepared for Surprises. 
As you unpack and familiarize yourself with your new surroundings, expect the unexpected. It might be discovering furniture you thought would fit into the room doesn’t, or the kitchen shelves are not as many as you thought. Expect cardboard to build into mountains, faucets to drip, or additional shelves needed in the kitchen, and that you have too many mirrors, pictures or lamps and not enough chairs. Expect curtains that you loved in your old home to look horrendous in the new. This is where social media and your contact list works! A professional handyman can come in extremely handy when making quick repairs or personalized touches to your new home. And remember one man’s trash is another’s treasure. Post unwanted items, including used packing boxes, online for free or for on the neighborhood group page or Facebook Marketplace, or call charities to pick up your donation.

Relax and Enjoy
Take time for yourself. Order in dinner and picnic on the living-room floor. Make this an adventure with the family. Celebrate your new home.