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My name is Cherilyn Bairos, and I have the privilege of being the Mayor of Oakdale, CA. My family has been here for four generations. My entire life – born here, grew up on our dairy ranch, attended Oakdale schools, work here and live in Oakdale with my wife, Jeanine.

One of the many things I love about Oakdale is our community's willingness to lend a hand. Whether it's a fundraiser for sports, helping a family in need, or the need for volunteers, it simply takes one call or word of mouth. Oakdale shows up! Kids, adults, and seniors are all willing to help each other.

Our generous community fuels my passion for connecting others' needs to those who can assist. Whether it's a business reference for services, sharing sports registration dates, or helping to sell raffle tickets, I'm passionate about all of this!

Life is busy here with work, community events, and as Mayor of the Cowboy Capitol of the World! Tradition and history are embraced by our town while looking forward to a future with innovative ideas to benefit us all. We all enjoy volunteering at the ongoing events in Oakdale. I love to raise my hand to help! And I really love a parade!

Family time is especially important to me. My family and extended family spend holidays and trips to the mountains together. We grow pumpkins at our dairy ranch every year for Halloween. I also like to fish with my dad and love anything with a dairy cow or 96361 on it! That's Oakdale's zip code!

If I had just one thing to tell someone new to Oakdale, I would say to them is this:

"Welcome to the BEST community ever! Here's my cell phone: (209) 496-1134. Call me when you're here, and I'll be happy to show you around!"

– Cher 

Fun Fact:
"In 1848, gold was discovered along the Stanislaus River. However, the first true settlers in Oakdale were Francis Marion Cottle and his uncle and son, who herded cattle there in 1853. The Oakdale Rodeo was the first outdoor rodeo in the Western U.S. Oakdale is nicknamed the Cowboy Capital of the World." – Deni Royer, CRS