Welcome to the Greater Clearwater Area

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Congratulations on your new home! As a new local, you will quickly discover that the astounding beauty of the Greater Clearwater area extends way beyond its beaches. As a local resident myself, I can tell you that I, too, I'm still uncovering hidden gems dining shopping, and many other beneficial resources.
We would like to welcome you to Greater Clearwater, we are so happy you are here. Whether you moved from the next town over, across the country, or overseas, settling into a new area can be both exciting and overwhelming.  
Within the first few months, you will likely be establishing new routines, getting to know local hotspots, looking for local professionals, and influencers and exploring your new community's vast resources. With so many nuances and so much on your plate from this new change in your life, it can be daunting to think about everything you need to do to get used to your new surroundings.
Enter BeLocal Greater Clearwater. In your hands, you hold a guide to the best of the best of everything this area has to offer. This magazine has been developed to give you the local's perspective into most everything that greater Clearwater has to offer. Inside you will find favorite local hidden gems, attractions, eateries, kids and pets’ places, a little bit of history, and some of the best annual events.

You can also enjoy the DIGITAL version of the magazine on your devices with BeLocal’s very own Google Map at www.belocalpub.com/GreaterClearwater! Use the map to find the location of all our sponsors, as well as a link to their websites.

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Again, welcome to Greater Clearwater – and happy exploring our fantastic community!
Devin Pappas
BeLocal Greater Clearwater

Photo is taken from under the Belleair Causeway by local photographer
©Vicki Norton Photography